10 April 2017

It's (almost) all peachy

Hi everyone!

I was playing a little with some of the colors that were still on my desk (I really have to clean that up... soon!!) and this happened:

I painted two thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow on all my nails and left that to dry completely. I then used striping tape to create sort of a french manicure and filled the top with piCture pOlish Rebelle, a lovely peach polish with subtle scattered holo parts that are just about invisible unless direct light hits them. Unfortunately the lines didn't come out as nice as I'd hoped they would so I decided to cover them up with a small ribbon like decal that I created using Hit the Bottle As Black As Night and Born Pretty plate BP-L048 to stamp on a layer of base coat I painted on a silicone mat and filling the stamped strip with Alpine Snow. I finished with a generous coat of Seche Vite and... didn't quite like the result. The two peach tips looked weird next to all the white so I decided to try and paint the other nails peach as well and if I still didn't like it, acetone-city!

These are the polishes that I used:

OPI Alpine Snow, piCture pOlish Rebelle, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

I didn't have a specific design in my head when I did these nails so I don't have much to tell about the thought process or why I made certain choices... but let's just say my nails are still as in the picture while I'm typing this :)

How do you start on a manicure? Do you have a design all thought out or do you just start painting and see where the colors take you?

piCture pOlish Rebelle was bought from The Nailista Shop.
Hit the Bottle As Black As Night was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. I actually really like this. I love the 2 middle nails and I think the 2 peachy nails are the perfect addition.
    I sometimes have an idea but mostly I am drawn to colours and see where it takes me or a stamping plate or image and then I just go with that.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does her nails that way ;)


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