15 April 2017

Berries all around

Hi everyone!

A short post as I have a zillion things to do before Easter is here and as that involves water and gloves I decided to sit down and write about my nails before ruining them ;)

This is what they look like at the moment:

On my thumb (still invisible but it's doing its utmost best to reach new heights... it's close to having a tiny free edge again ;), my index and pinky I painted two thin coats of OPI Spare Me A French Quarter?, a pretty raspberry pink polish that could be a one coater if you use slightly thicker coats than I did.

On my middle and ring finger I painted three coats of Barry M Strawberries & Cream from the Frosted Cupcakes collection. S&C is a pale, dusty pink polish that is stuffed with subtle silver/white flakies that look like lots of small frozen crystals. The combined effect is delicate and very pretty (or at least I think so ;)

I used a image from Messy Mansion's LilyAnna 06 to create simple flowers on my ring finger using Spare Me A French Quarter? (yep, not only is it a lovely color, it's great for stamping too) and finished by filling in the hearts of the flowers with tiny dots of the silver OPI DS Radiance to add a little something.

These are the polishes I used and that will be put away shortly as cleaning my desk is one of the things on my to do list:

Barry M Frosted Cupcakes Strawberries & Cream, OPI Spare Me A French Quarter?, OPI DS Radiance

In hindsight I wish I'd used a pearly white instead of Radiance as I think it is a bit too shiny. But since those pearly polishes are usually very sheer I'm not sure if that would have improved anything. Either way I love the combination of colors and finding a polish that can stamp is always a good thing, right? And while this manicure may not be a total win, I did enjoy wearing it. What do you think, nail fail or not?

Barry M Frosted Cupcakes Strawberries & Cream was bought from Alice & Jo.


  1. Now that berry polish is beyond gorgeous. I love your ring finger. So much. I think it's perfect!

    1. Thank you so much! For some reason I had put Spare Me A French Quarter with purple polishes and totally neglected her ever since. I'm glad she came out of hiding (and she's now safely placed with her pink sisters).


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