21 May 2017

Pink mermaid nails

Hi everyone,

as you can see below I'm back to shorties. I guess I handled the lint roller a bit too vigorous when I tried to get some thingies of my black shirt. The thingies were gone but so was the top part of the nail of my index finger. 15 minutes of rigorous filing later and all my nails were reduced to what you see in the picture. On the bright side, my thumb nails are now long enough to make a triumphant return ;)

As I love dark polish on shorter nails, I decided to use the darkest red polish I had and pull out several pink-ish and red-ish glittery polishes to create pink mermaid nails... and this is what that looked like when I was finished:

I started by painting all my nails with two thin coats of Catrice Noir 02 Noir Rouge, a very dark red polish that looks almost black in normal lighting. I used a thin coat of Seche Vite to help the polish dry but Noir Rouge is extremely glossy by itself so it doesn't need anything to add more gloss. It's SO glossy the colors you can see in my thumb are not bald spots but reflections from the books in the cupboard next to where I took the picture :)

When my nails were completely dry I painted liquid latex around my cuticles and stuck Whats Up Nails vinyls with a scales design on my middle and ring finger. I randomly placed dots of Zoya India, Zoya Teigen, Zoya Mae, Zoya Binx, Zoya Harper and OPI DS Tourmaline on a piece of sponge and used that to create a layer of glittery goodness on my nails. When I was finished with one nail, I immediately peeled of the vinyl to make sure the lines were as crisp as I could get them. I finished with several coats of Seche Vite until my nails felt smooth.

The polishes I used:
Catrice Noir 02 Noir Rouge, Zoya India, Zoya Teigen, Zoya Mae, Zoya Binx, Zoya Harper, OPI DS Tourmaline

I didn't really know what to expect as this was the first time I used a full nail vinyl but wow... I wish I'd tried this sooner!! It's so easy and I love the result. I predict the purchase of many more designs in the near future :) Do you have any recommendations where to shop?

I love how these turned out. If the forecast is correct the coming ten days should be filled with sunshine and I think I'm absolutely ready for that with all the glitters I used (I'm not going to think about removal. I just realized I should have used peel off base... oh well, maybe I'll remember that next time). Do you like my pink mermaid nails? And do you like using vinyls?

Last but not least I figured this manicure would qualify for Glitter (13) in the SBB Challenge... one down, several more to go (25 to be exact ;)

Zoya Mae was bought from Pretty Polish.
Zoya India, Zoya Teigen, Zoya Binx and Zoya Harper were bought from Nailpolish Fashion (closed).

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