• Fall is coming!

    <disclaimer: major gushing ahead, skip to the part under the picture if you want to avoid>

    Hi everyone,

    last week my husband had a small package for me... "nothing special", he said, "just to cheer me up a bit" (it's been extremely busy lately and I tend to get grumpy when I can't relax). Nothing special?! Inside was the entire OPI Iceland collection, the new collection for Fall/Winter 2017! I'd seen swatches online earlier and I'd fallen head over heels in love with all the dusty colors so of course I'd put them on my wishlist, right there at the top (I have an ever evolving wishlist, meaning I add to it when I see something I really like and I make sure the ones I want most are at the top. That way if someone needs ideas for a present they can call my husband and ask him what polishes I would like. He's pretty good at organizing that as I've yet to receive a polish I already own :) You can probably guess what he had done... sneakily (is that a word? If not, it is now) ordering the entire collection without telling me anything! I know I shouldn't brag, but isn't he the bestest hubby in the world? <3

    Anyway, after all that gushing you totally didn't want to read, on to the nails... Of course I had to try out my new pretties so I combined the darkest of them all with a beautiful rose gold texture and a similar chrome and created this:

    The dark, almost black eggplant is OPI Suzi & The Arctic Fox, a beautiful creme that covers in one slightly thicker coat and dries incredibly glossy. In the picture I didn't use top coat on my middle finger and the light spot on the side of it is actually a reflection of my ring finger. Yep, it's THAT glossy :)

    My other fingers were painted with two (pinky and index) and three (thumb) coats of OPI Make Him Mine, a super sparkly rose gold textured polish from the 2013 Holiday collection (almost four years old and still perfect... who says polish has a durability of 24 months after opening) and of course I skipped the top coat on those fingers.

    Last but not least I used Catrice Chrome Infusion 03 Stunning Rose Gold to stamp a swirly image from Pueen plate 73 on my ring finger and covered that with a coat of Seche Vite to make sure the stamped image wouldn't rub off and tadaa... one finished manicure!

    These are the polishes I used:

    OPI Make Him Mine, OPI Suzi & The Arctic Fox, Catrice Chrome Infusion 03 Stunning Rose Gold

    I'm very happy with these nails. The combination of eggplant and rose gold turned out even better than I thought it would (and I was already pretty smitten when looking at the bottles) and I was so pleased to see the chrome and the texture have the same color, I'm definitely going to remember that combo :)

    Are you looking forward to all the fall and winter collections that will be released soon (or have been released recently)? Of all seasonal collections usually I'm drawn most to the fall and winter ones so my bank account is already cringing at the thought. New polishes or not, I'm definitely looking forward to using more dark colors again... sunshine and warmer weather are more than welcome to stay but for my nails fall is coming!

    PS. I just realized the inspiration for the colors may have unconsciously come from this beautiful manicure by Chloé. I didn't leave out the credits on purpose... sorry :(


    1. Super pretty! Beautiful mani and sweet husband. 😀

      1. Thanks Lisa, and of course I agree... he's the best <3

    2. Oh my god, your husband is the best! Where did you find him?! Hah thats seriously sweet though and he clearly knows you very well :) I love this manicure, very classy and elegant <3

      1. Thanks so much, Ithi. I still feel very, very lucky and very, very spoiled when he does things like that <3
        Hehe, first time I saw him was at a job application! True story: manager wanted me to meet the guy I had work together with closest if I was selected and in came this person who was in desperate need of a shower, a shave and a change of clothes... It turned out he had been working all night to remedy a huge problem and he was ready to stumble home when he got called in to meet me. Not love at first sight (for either of us) but an instant connection over shared work experiences that grew into friendship after I was selected for the job and later on into love (but he had changed jobs by then ;)


    Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!