07 October 2017

Birthday blues

Hi everyone!

Last weekend my eldest niece celebrated her 13th birthday (OMG... 13?! It seems like yesterday when she was a baby and now she's getting close to my height, what made time pass so fast?) so of course I had to do special nails for her party. As she (and her younger sister) have the bluest eyes I've ever seen in anyone I decided to go for a blue skittlette:

I started out by painting my thumb and index with two thin coats of the bright, almost neon, blue OPI Fearlessly Alice. My middle and ring finger received two coats of a-england Spirit of the Moors, a lovely medium blue scattered holo and my pinky was covered in one coat of a-england Excalibur Renaissance, a silver foil that is great for stamping.

After a coat of Seche Vite to shorten the drying time I stamped a leaf-y image from LilyAnna by Messy Mansion plate LA-09 on my ring finger using Excalibur Renaissance and stamped small flowers from the same plate using Hit the Bottle Smurf Blood. I totally expected Fearlessly Alice to stamp as it is very opaque but a quick test on paper didn't show the result I was looking for so I switched to a stamping polish in the same color, Smurf Blood.

I finished my manicure by dabbing Zoya Cosmo on my pinky as I wanted to add some extra bling (I was going to a party after all). And that was all, I was ready to leave as soon as I grabbed my nieces present ;)

These are the polishes I used:

a-england Spirit of the Moors, Zoya Cosmo, OPI Fearlessly Alice, a-england Excalibur Renaissance, Hit the Bottle Smurf Blood

I really liked the happy bright colors of this manicure, but I liked the huge grin on the birthday girl's face after I told her what inspired me even better. I can't wait to see what her 14th year has in store for her but I'm definitely going to be around to see what an awesome lady she's going to be :)

a-england Spirit of the Moors, Zoya Cosmo and a-england Excalibur Renaissance were bought from Pretty Polish.
Hit the Bottle Smurf Blood was bought from Rainbow Connection.


  1. Wow those blues! And I'm sure your niece was tickled pink by your inspiration. (giggling at my own joke)(giggling even more at smurf blood)... On a serious note... That thumb nail looks alarmingly long, not to jinx you or anything (sending positive vibes)

    1. Hehe, she loved it :D
      The Smurf Blood name is even funnier than you realize: we (aunts, uncles and grandma, and even their parents) usually refer to my nieces and nephew as 'the Smurfs', so they are Big, Medium and Tiny Smurf. Me using the Smurf Blood polish wasn't even intentional! (I picked out Fearlessly Alice first and just needed a stamping polish in the same color when it turned out she didn't stamp over darker colors).


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