10 October 2017

Purple and mauve skittlette

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to show you what is on my nails today, sneakily blogged while waiting for software to finish installing (which usually takes about 20 minutes in total, with me clicking a <Next> button every now and then). I chose more season appropriate colors but honest, I can't help myself! I love the darker, dustier colors that come with fall and they're a perfect antidote for the gray and dreary weather outside. So no more waiting, here's some color to cheer up your day:

I used two colors from the OPI Miss Universe collection that was released in 2013. The third color in the collection is a gorgeous matte silver foil called This Gown Needs A Crown, but I only used the cremes this time, dark purple Miss You-niverse and mauve colored I'm Feeling Sashy. Don't worry about the silver though, she will definitely make her appearance sooner or later ;)

I painted my thumb and index with two thin coats of Miss You-niverse and middle finger, ring finger and pinky received two thin coats of I'm Feeling Sashy. Both polishes dried very glossy but to hurry things up I applied a coat of Seche Vite.

When that had dried I grabbed a small piece of sponge, painted on both colors and created a gradient on my middle and ring finger. All I did after that was place a small rhinestone in a teensy dab of Seche Vite, waited a little to let it dry and paint a coat of Seche Vite over the entire nail, sealing in the rhinestones so they wouldn't fall off immediately, and voila... another manicure ready for her photoshoot!

I used these polishes:
OPI Miss You-niverse, OPI I'm Feeling Sashy

I usually go nuts when I stick things to my nails but these rhinestones are so small I've actually managed to not pick at them for the entire day. I really like the tiny bit of bling they add to these muted colors so I'm going to try and leave them alone... try being the operative word here ;)

Can you stand studs and rhinestones stuck to your nails? Or even bigger charms? Or are they an instant invitation to start picking and fidgeting until they come off and you have to do your nails again? ("Sorry hun, can't cook dinner... I just HAVE to do my nails! My current manicure is RUINED!")


  1. How do you make a two polish manicure look so amazing? This looks great!

    1. Thanks! I guess I would have to blame the polishes for the amazing-ness... they really are gorgeous :)


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