05 October 2017

Fiery leaves

Hi everyone!

I'm firmly stuck in season appropriate colors and manicures... so here's another fall inspired manicure that features a gem I found hidden in my stash :)

Remember when flakies were things that were suspended in a transparent base instead of in a jar? That's how old the polish is that I've used to create the fiery leaves in this manicure: Nfu Oh 59. All Nfu Oh polishes come in the cutest bottles I've ever seen: the bottle is a skirt with a bow at the back and the cap is a corset so combined it looks like a Victorian dress. I have to admit I prefer a smooth cap to hold while applying nail polish but the corset doesn't cause too many problems while painting.

Nfu Oh 59 consists of red-to-orange-to-green shifting flakies in a orange-tinted jelly base so I needed undies. I chose KIKO 286 Purple Red as a base and used two thin coats. It's very opaque so I could probably have used only one if I applied it a bit thicker. Either way, it's the usual great formula and brush I've come to expect from KIKO so nothing to report there. After that I painted a coat of Nfu Oh 59 on top. It's a bit thick and has a weird smell but those flakies... ohhh!! And to add a little more tiny sparks I painted a coat of ILNP The Magician over the flakies. The Magician is a fine shimmer but the color shift is the same so the effect was subtle but exactly what I had in mind :)

While that was drying I painted my thumb, index and pinky with two coats of OPI Lady in Black (also known as Onyx outside of Europe), and it gets boring as this is also the formula and brush OPI is known for so no complaints about this one either.

Last but not least I stamped a negative space image of leaves from B. Loves Plates B.04 Leaves of Happiness on my middle and ring finger using my trusty Hit the Bottle As Black As Night. A coat of Seche Vite on all nails to seal everything and add a super glossy finish and I was done.

Here's the bottle shot, see how cute that "dress" is?
OPI Lady in Black, KIKO 286 Purple Red, Nfu Oh 59, ILNP The Magician, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

I have a tendency to focus more on newer polishes but I really should pay attention to the ones I've had for ages as well as there are so many pretties hiding in the cobwebs (not REALLY cobwebs, don't worry, no spider is getting close to my bottles and even dust has no chance). At least the Nfu Oh beauties are back in the spotlight now, so the chance you get to see more flakies on my nails is pretty big. I really wish I made a picture of my nails in the sunshine as it looked like the leaves were on fire... but I didn't and the manicure has fallen victim to cotton pads and acetone already :( I promise to try and remember it next time. I do hope you can still see some of 59's awesomeness in the pictures provided. If you happen to come across one of the Nfu Oh flakies I recommend you pick it up, it's definitely worth it!

Nfu Oh 59 was bought from The Beauty Lounge (closed).
ILNP The Magician and Hit the Bottle As Black As Night were bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. I need to use some of my older polishes too. I saw someone else mention this recently. I think you are going to inspire tomorrow's manicure with oldies! I absolutely love your fiery leaves, it is simple stunning! They almost look lit up from behind the leaves..gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks! I totally blame the flakies. And even though flakies are way more common these days, these Nfu Oh ones are still in a league of their own :)

  2. Ugh BF was also mentioning that I'm not using all my polishes... How do I use 300 polishes at once? Huh Huh? Anyway, I love your fiery leaves! It doesn't help that we are stuck in spring and everyone else is doing autumn... Makes me not feel the seasons.

    1. Hehe, just ask him which of his prized possessions he wants you to paint in ALL the colors you own. Works for me everytime someone feels the urge to point out I probably will never finish all the polishes I own ;)
      Hmmmm... you could try to just put on sweaters and shawls and act like it's freezing outside. You might die of overheating though ;)


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