12 October 2017

Green-gold leaves

Hi everyone!

What is a girl to do when her significant other has received a brand new pc game and has been playing it for two days straight? (yep, he actually took time off to play it...) Paint her nails of course! So while digital villains were slain and the most horrible sounds blurted from the speakers on my left, I sat down to play with pretty colors and patterns. This is the result (of the playing, not the slaying):

I started out by painting my thumb and index with two thin coats of OPI Lady in Black (or Onyx as it's called outside of Europe). I used two thin coats of Il était un vernis Hocus Pocus on my pinky, and isn't it pretty? Hocus Pocus is a pale gold-to-green-to-turquoise multichrome with lots of teeny tiny holo sparkles in it and, as I've come to expect from IEUV, with a perfect formula and a great brush. My picture shows mostly the gold side but the shift you can see in the bottle shot is easily visible in real life as well.

I combined Lady in Black and Hocus Pocus with a cool off white polish, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (MBSW). While I love the color I absolutely hate the formula, it's thin and runny and it took me four (!!!) coats to reach full opacity on my middle finger. Since I planned a decal on my ring finger I only used two coats on that nail, which is still one more than I usually do... but the color definitely makes it worth it :)

While that was drying I painted two rectangles of OPI Top Coat (the normal, not fast drying kind) on my silicone mat. After those were dry to the touch I stamped the leaves from MoYou London plate Flower Power 18 on them, using my beloved Hit the Bottle As Black As Night. I filled in half of each leaf with Hocus Pocus and a very thin paint brush that I bought in a crafts store (or rather my mom bought three or four and I talked her into giving me one ;) After the decal had dried I painted two coats of MBSW over the entire thing. Of course I had to wait some more for those coats of polish to dry so I had time to paint some liquid latex from the carnival store around my ring finger nail. When both polish and latex had dried I was finally ready to carefully peel off one of the decals, place it on my nail and smoothen it out as best as I could. A clean up brush and some acetone got rid of the excess and last but not least a generous coat of Seche Vite brought back the sparkle of Hocus Pocus in the placed decal (and of course my other nails got their coat of SV as well).

Here's the bottle shot that shows the shift in Hocus Pocus way better than the picture of my nails:

Il était un vernis Hocus Pocus, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, OPI Lady in Black, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

I'm so happy with these nails! I was going back and forth between a stark bright white and MBSW and I'm really glad I chose MBSW, horrible formula and all, as I think a stark white would have been too much next to the softness of Hocus Pocus. Of course making decals is just about the most relaxed way of doing a manicure and I definitely did them in a slow pace. Sure, it took some time but I was in no hurry at all. I had my ereader lying next to me so I could continue to read during the waiting periods and I even managed to make some encouraging sounds when my resident orcslayer was grumbling about a particularly strong adversary. All in all I had a lovely, laid back evening while doing my nails and I think it shows, or maybe that's wishful thinking... Either way, I hope you like my manicure too :)

Il était un vernis Hocus Pocus was bought from The Nailista Shop (now closed).
Hit the Bottle As Black As Night was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. That would have been my answer too. ALthough I do stick to a kinda schedule too, otherwise I'll end up doing my nails all the time.

    1. If only I had the time to do my nails all the time... on the other hand, I like to enjoy my manicures for a couple of days so I probably wouldn't do it, even if I could ;)

  2. Your hubby is a hero, somewhere he is probably saving an entire kingdom, ha :) I love the manicure but then I always love your manicures! Again with the amazing colour and pattern combination :D Sometimes I wish you could come over and tell me what colours to put together!

    1. Hmmm... so you're telling me it's a good thing he games? I never thought of that ;)
      Thanks! Hehe, we could always plan something... my Barry M polishes have room for more :D


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