24 January 2020


Hi everyone!

No weekly, bi-weekly or monthly challenge this time, just pretty polishes :)

I can't look anywhere without seeing Frozen. No matter how I try, even the ads on websites show this hugely popular Disney movie and so I decided to try my hand at a Frozen-themed manicure. Here's the result:

The stunning base for this manicure is Starrily Etoile, a beautiful baby blue polish that is stuffed with small holographic particles, basically Frozen in a bottle ;) I used three thin coats but you can get away with two if you apply it more carefully than I did.

All I did after that was stamp two large, dark blue snowflakes from MoYou Festive 02 using Colour Alike Big Blue Boy Scout and loads of smaller white ones from Yours Cosmetics A Christmas Miracle YLX02 using Painted Polish Blanc Slate. Oh, and a coat of Seche Vite of course ;)

The stars of my manicure:

Starrily Etoile, Colour Alike Big Blue Boy Scout, Painted Polish Blanc Slate

I sometimes forget that a beautiful polish can be enough to create pretty nails. I'm glad I didn't do a lot to cover up Etoile though as it really doesn't need anything to be gorgeous. The fact that my mom asked if she could use it too (my mother is the queen of clear polish on her nails) is proof enough for me that less is definitely more at times.


  1. Gorgeous and I do love Colour Alike :-D

    1. Thanks Ananka! Colour Alike is SO great, one of the best brands of stamping polish I know :)

  2. Love the double stamping. Very pretty mani.


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