23 March 2020

52 week nail art challenge - 12: Half Moon

Hi everyone!

This week's theme is Half Moon. Apparently this type of manicure became popular in the 1920s. It's almost 100 years later but it still hasn't become popular with me, so I wasn't looking forward to this prompt. That is until I saw a gorgeous manicure by @helenepiuk and within an hour, this was the result of that blast of inspiration:

I started out by painting my thumb, index and pinky with one of the most stunning emerald green holos I own: Il était un vernis #monsieurjetaime. It's 100% opaque in two thin coats, it's a beautiful deep green with a hint of blue, and it has the subtle scattered holo that I so dearly love... it's just perfect!

I chose another beauty from the same brand for my middle and ring finger, Il était un vernis Mint to Be Yours. This is a mint green holo with loads and loads of gold flecks so it looks quite metallic when the light hits it the right way. It's a bit sheerer so I would probably need three thin coats for full opacity, but I painted only one as I had plans for those two nails that would cover up any VNL.

When my base had dried enough, I grabbed a small sponge, painted stripes of #monsieurjetaime and Mint to Be Yours on it and dabbed it on my nails to create a gradient. I made sure to concentrate the darker color on the upper third of my nails, closest to my cuticles. At first I wanted to stamp in silver but as soon as I saw the golden sheen on my nails, I knew it had to be gold... so to finish off the accent nails I stamped an abstract flower design from Yours Cosmetics YLT02 In Good Hands using Colour Alike Golden Queen. And apart from the usual coat of Seche Vite, that was it... my version of Half Moon nails done and dusted!

The line-up:
Il était un vernis #monsieurjetaime, Il était un vernis Mint to Be Yours, Colour Alike Golden Queen

What more can I say about this manicure? It still isn't the kind of manicure I would normally wear (or even think of) but I do like it... and I'm so glad I re-discovered my Il était un vernis beauties! Now that the sun is coming out more and more, I see plenty of holographic sparkles in my future :)

What do you think? Does this work for Half Moon? Or shouldn't I have messed with a traditional design?

Also, I remembered to check if Half Moon was on my list for the SBB Nail Challenge, and lo and behold, it is at number 14! So that's another one crossed from my list:


Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!