• Hi everyone!

    Another month has almost passed so it's time for the Triad manicure again. That means I had to find a clean spot and some peace and quiet to do a manicure using the inspiration Michelle chose, an absolutely gorgeous manicure by Yulia from Yulia's Nails (@yyulia_m on Instagram). This is a manicure that actually was on my to do list, so I had plenty of ideas. Of course those ideas were nowhere to be found when it came to making a list for my husband who had to get my polishes from the storage they're still in (still no finished kitchen... but there is definitely some light at the end of the tunnel as the renovations have started again. ETA is now the last week of June/first week of July).

    As I really needed to start on those nails, I asked him to help me out and pick some colors he liked from the swatch pictures I have of all my polishes and bring them home. This is the result of our collaboration... and I love it!