• Hi everyone,

    July is almost over so that means it's time for the Triad manicure of the month. If you've been here before you probably know what Triad means: Michelle, Juanita and I take turns in picking an inspiration from our to-do-list and we all create a manicure inspired by it. Just recreate it is an option but go a completely different route is possible as well :)

    This month was my turn and as I knew I was facing some very busy weeks I decided to pick a beautiful but not too complicated manicure, this one by Yvonne from @eivi_nails. I love tone on tone and different finishes so it was on my list for quite some time, waiting for me to notice it. And this is what my version looks like:

  • Hi everyone!

    As it's vacation time over here, the team that I'm part of (that usually consists of five people) has been reduced to three and one of those has been assigned to a project so that means we're down to two persons, yours truly included. That means I've been working 12+ hour days and I've basically been scrambling to at least fix dinner and do laundry and not much else but sleep. I've also found out conference calls while working from home actually provide time to paint nails, as long as you don't want to do very complicated designs ;) Typing up posts is an entirely different thing though, so I decided to do one post with my manicures of the last three weeks to be all caught up before posting the Triad manicure coming Friday.

  • Hi everyone,

    another quick manicure because I wanted to try out some of the new colors I have been spoiled with this week (I have THE BEST husband ❤️).