• Hi everyone!

    The last Friday of the month, and actually the last Friday of 2019! Wow, this year has been an out-of-control roller coaster with major lows (my kitchen nightmare 😱) and huge highs (my dream kitchen 😍), and with way too little nail art posts, but at least one per month for the Friday Triad. This is the last one of this year and I got to pick the manicure that Michelle, Juanita and myself would use as inspiration for our own nails. I picked a very season inappropriate pumpkin manicure by Melissa aka @melcisme. I did this on purpose because I didn't know when the other ladies would wear their manicures so maybe they didn't want to go for Winter (as it's Summer on the Southern hemisphere) or the holidays at all. This way everyone could do what she liked. Also, it doesn't need a horribly complicated technique which is a huge pro in the busiest month of the year.

    I myself decided to go all-out Christmas, complete with red, white, green and gold: