• Hi everyone!

    This manicure ended up completely different from what I had in mind, but as stamping resulted in a mess and I didn't have the time to fiddle with it anymore (my husband was growing more and more impatient, telling me we REALLY had to go... ten minutes ago!) I grabbed my dotting tools and went for a quick dotticure instead :)

    Mint, teal and gold - indoors, no flash
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm so sorry to have been absent for a while.
    After tearing off half the nail of my left middle finger, my right middle finger apparently decided it couldn't handle all the attention so that nail got torn as well... Fortunately not as bad as the left one but still bad enough to make me want to hide my hands and not show them to anybody :(
    Fast forward two weeks and both nails have grown back to nubbin size. I filed the other ones down to match their size and so my left hand makes a comeback, dressed in pink and rosy red.

    Rosy red and pink manicure - indoors, no flash
  • Hi everyone!

    As summer is turning into fall I want to wear some richer, autumn-y colors... and I have just received the Zoya fall collections, Entice and Ignite, so I have plenty of colors to choose from :)

    I combined white, black and coppery-orange in a skittelette:

    Fall skittelette - indoors, no flash

    I used OPI Natural Base as base coat, followed by two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and a coat of Seche Vite on my ring and pinkie. My middle finger was done in two coats of Zoya Dahlia, a sparkling black textured polish, and my index and my thumbs were painted in one (!!) coat of Zoya Autumn and a coat of Seche Vite. I used Dahlia and Autumn to make dots on the white nails and that was all!

    Have you started to wear fall colors already?