• Hi everyone!

    Here's a quick post for this week's theme: Unused plate. I didn't just pick an unused plate, I chose a brand I've never used before and here's the result:

  • Hi everyone!

    This week's theme is something I totally can't relate to... Insect! I'm a city girl through and through and the moment I see a bug, I turn into the most squeamish person you can imagine. I'm lucky to have a big strong guy living with me who defends me against the hordes of creepy-crawlies that seem to love our place as a new home. So for instance when I spot a spider, I scream and he patiently gets a glass and a piece of paper to catch the intruder and puts it outside in the yard (no, not killing it, that would be mean). You can imagine that I wasn't looking forward to creating one (or more) on my nails. Sure, butterflies are pretty and ladybugs are cute, but I didn't think of those at the time. Fortunately, I remembered a manicure I once saw, ages ago, that sort of indicated a bee without actually showing one. I couldn't find it so I don't even know if this looks like the original, but here's my interpretation of a bumblebee:

  •  Hi everyone!

    Sorry for the unexpected absence. I blame my ailing computer and no time to work on that because half of the team I work in is away on vacation. But it's weekend now, the husband performed a small miracle in curing my poor puter and I was finally able to crop and watermark my pictures. So without further ado, here's the manicure I did for last weeks theme, Other Hand:

    And, keeping to the theme, here's my Cinderella hand:

  • Hi everyone!

    I had some time to myself, my nails were showing some signs of tip wear, and I had just received a small package with a few plates and a little jar of pigment powder... and this is what my nails looked like when I stopped playing:

  • Hi everyone, 

    months ago when a friend and I were chatting, I told her my husband got me another crazy colored polish, Cirque Colors High Society, a neon green with copper shimmer and a scattering of holo sparkles. She immediately decided I just had to use it for the silver and green prompt, and as that prompt has finally arrived here's the order 😉