25 October 2019

Friday Triad: inspired by @polishpixie92

Hi everyone!

Another month has passed and again, no posts from me... Life really should slow down but at this moment I don't see that happening in the near future. Oh well, at least every month there is the Friday Triad where Juanita, Michelle and I take turns in choosing a manicure that should inspire each of us. Sometimes the result is a recreation, sometimes it's completely different (I'm still waiting for black and white unicorns, Mich!), but the inspiration is the pick of the month one of us sends to the others. This month Michelle chose this pretty geometric design by Emilia aka polishpixie92.

I immediately knew I wanted to use autumnal colors and maybe a glitter crelly but apart from that, not a clue... It was only when I unwrapped a small gift from my hubby that inspiration started flowing and this is what my version looks like:

27 September 2019

Friday Triad: inspired by @nail_muse

Hi everyone!

It's the last Friday of the month again, so that means Triad time! The inspiration of this month was picked by me and I had a really hard time deciding. In the end I went for a manicure that actually I saw popping up in my feed and immediately saved, this pretty dry marble/smoosh by Anastasiya of @nail_muse.

I especially loved the horizontal lines so I knew I wanted to try and get those too and boy, did I set myself up for trouble... but I think I did sort of okay. I'll let you be the judge:

23 September 2019

Stripey Flowery manicure (aka the one Michelle made me do)

Hi everyone!

I had so much fun doing the 52 Week Nail Art Challenge last year, so I had planned to join again this year. Unfortunately between the kitchen woes, work and all other stress inducing things, I didn't have the time to do so (or even to post here on a regular basis... đŸ˜¢)

Recently when Michelle (from Ordinary Misfit) and I were chatting, she showed me the gift bag that was the inspiration for the Spring/Autumn manicure that she wanted to do for week 38. I googled the image and I think this is it: <link> (and if it isn't, it looks an awful lot like it). I immediately loved it and asked her if I she would mind if I gave it a try too. I didn't intend to post it but she told me I definitely had to and so I'm doing just that... may I present my Stripey Flowery manicure: