23 May 2018

Just-because-I-like-them nails

Hi everyone!

There is no special reason for these nails, except that I liked the colors together. Come to think of it, what better reason is there to polish your nails, right? So here are my just-because-I-like-them nails :)

20 May 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 20: Childhood

Hi everyone!

Yup, real life struck again so I had absolutely no time to write a post any time earlier... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can finish typing this post and publish while it's still Sunday ;)

This weeks prompt is Childhood and when thinking about it, I thought back to the time when my mom taught me how to make crowns out of daisies. The way I usually see people do it is by making a tiny slit in the stem of a daisy with their thumbnail and pushing another daisy through the hole, forming a very thin, delicate chain. But my mom used a different method, she braided the stems which resulted in a sturdier chain but I had to pick way more flowers to make it. Fortunately daisies grew just about anywhere (as they are considered weeds) so there were plenty for me to pick and when I made a long enough braid, my mom connected the ends and I could wear my flower crown, making me a flower princess :)

With that in mind I set out to pick colors and a plate and here's the result:

10 May 2018

Fiery florals

Hi everyone!

The sun is still out and since I have a little more time for not-work-related things at the moment, I've been painting my nails... again ;) This time I was inspired by a friend who showed me her pedicure. I loved the color she'd used, so I quickly went through my stash to grab the same polish. A quick paint-and-stamp job later, my nails looked like this: