15 November 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 45: Orange + Yellow

Hi everyone!

Today's post is coming to you from... my bedroom :(
Yup, the dreaded flu has struck again so I'm reduced to a sniffling, feverish, whining mess that would be convinced the world was coming to an end if I were a guy ;) Although, that's unfair to my guy who patiently dug up an ancient laptop, connected it to the internet, installed all security updates from the last ten years or so, and even got my photo editor on there (I know, he's the best... but in this case I think it may also have something to do with me reaching the limits of his patience with all the complaints about how I still had pictures waiting and week 45 was over already and I was way behind and I couldn't do a thing with this small mobile to edit pictures or write a post, yada yada yada... I really am the worst patient ever!).

Anyway, I got my connection to the outside world and I can finally show you what I did for the Orange + Yellow prompt that I was actually ready to skip until I first saw Michelle's and Juanita's manicures and then came across this gorgeous design by Chloé from Klo's to me... and I just knew I wanted to recreate it, with a little twist to make it mine of course ;)

09 November 2018

Art deco in fall colors

Hi everyone!

My husband did it again... a short while ago he surprised me with a new stamping plate: UberChic Art Deco Chic and a beautiful little collection of three autumn polishes by a Russian brand called Tips Polish. The moment I saw the plate, one image immediately jumped out and when looking at the polishes I knew what I wanted to do. And I'm so happy this came out just like I envisioned it!

02 November 2018

Fierce red

Hi everyone!

I had a business event earlier this week and I needed a bit of a confidence booster, so I grabbed a brand new, fierce red polish and got to work. This is what was on my nails afterwards: