16 February 2015

Matte skull and chrome manicure

Hi everyone!

I suffered from a complete lack of inspiration when I was thinking of a new manicure so I took a look at the challenges I'm trying to do at the moment. N.A.I.L. Linkup has a skull theme and the Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge requests something other than pink... Not pink, I can do, but skulls? I don't even have plates with a skull image on them! So in complete desperation I turned to Pinterest and searched for skull manicures. I didn't get to see many skulls at all, but a lot of manicures with OPI Skull & Glossbones! Now THAT I can do as well, so here is my skull manicure :)

indoors, no flash
I started with a coat of OPI Natural Base on all my nails. After that I painted my pinky with two coats of OPI My Silk Tie (part of the Fifty Shades of Grey collection) and my other nails were covered with three thin coats of OPI Skull & Glossbones (part of the Pirates of the Carribean collection). When using Skull & Glossbones I found the formula was very thin, almost watery. I didn't like it much the first two coats, but after the third coat it was completely opaque and it self leveled perfectly so I'm definitely not going to put this one at the back of my drawer ;)

I stamped an abstract floral pattern on my ring finger using Essence Stampy Polish Black and Bundle Monster plate BM-224 and I used My Silk Tie to make dots on my middle finger and color the centers of the flowers on my ring finger and finished all nails with a coat of Seche Vite.

indoors, no flash - matte top coat
I liked it a lot but I needed a more muted look for work (Monday meetings... you gotta love them...) and the chrome was quite bling-y so I added a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat... and I loved the result!!

As usual the polishes I used:
OPI Skull & Glossbones, OPI My Silk Tie, Essence Stampy Polish Black
I love this clean look that has enough going on to make sure it isn't boring. What do you think?

As for the challenges... These are the other manicures in the N.A.I.L. Linkup:
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  1. i always loved the name of that OPI !

    1. To be honest I've always been wondering if there's a word joke in there that I just don't get (being a not native english speaker). I mean, I get the Skull & Bones but the gloss part? But whatever the name, I like the polish a lot :)

  2. Pinterest to the rescue!! ^_^ Very awesome mani; especially since it started out void of inspiration. Great job!

    1. Thank you!
      I've been pinning stuff from everywhere so I should have plenty of things to recreate the next time I can't come up with something myself ;)


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