20 February 2015

Purple holos - stamped and dotted

Hi everyone!

When I saw this manicure by Emily of Mani-ac, I just knew I had to recreate it some time... and that time came a lot sooner than expected as we had a few days of cold but sunny weather and of course sunshine screams for holos. I chose purple instead of blue though :)

indoors, no flash
I started with two thin coats of Catrice Holomania C04 Plum Me Up Scotty, a lavender holo with a pretty rainbow that you can see in the picture below, taken with my mobile and the new flash light my husband bought (guys buy the strangest things for themselves if you allow them to go to a DIY store unsupervised ;) For once the Catrice brush was good so it went on my nails with no problems.
After that I stamped the lines with Essence Stampy Polish Black and Pueen plate SE04A. The images on that plate are gorgeous but the collection of plates themselves? Horrible! They have no backing as they are double sided and that makes the edges really sharp so my left thumb got a nasty little cut (which also marks the abrupt end of the reappearance of my left hand until said cut has healed).

indoors, flash
So after wrapping my poor thumb in a band aid I grabbed Lacquer Lust Amethyst (the darkest purple) and a-england Encore Margot (a lavender leaning silver holo) to make the dots. Unfortunately Encore Margot completely vanished against the lavender background, so after two dots I exchanged it for Liquid Sky Lacquer Polish Addict's Purple Soul (the medium, red leaning purple) and made my dots with that. The result in normal light is the top picture but as I still had this new flash light lying around, I made another picture with my mobile to show what my nails looked like under direct light. It looked way better in the sunshine though... but I forgot to take a picture then :(

indoors, flash
The polishes that were used in this manicure:
Catrice Holomania C04 Plum Me Up Scotty, Essence Stampy Polish Black,
Lacquer Lust Amethyst, Liquid Sky Lacquer Polish Addict's Purple Soul

I hope I did Emily's manicure some justice. I really like the results. What do you think?

Lacquer Lust Amethyst was bought from Norway Nails.
Liquid Sky Lacquer Polish Addict's Purple Soul was bought from Hypnotic Polish.

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