10 June 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 22: Favourite Superhero

Hi everyone!

The prompt for week 22 was Favourite Superhero. Right... superhero... and favourite on top of that!
I've never had a thing for Superman, Iron Man, Captain America or any other guy or girl in a spandex suit who zips across the screen, rescuing the world at the last moment. It's not that I hate them, they're just not my cup-of-tea so I don't go to the cinema to watch the movies, I don't buy the comics, etc., which means I don't have a favourite superhero either.

So I turned to Google to see if any superhero would spark an idea. The only one that seemed interesting was Natasha Romanov aka the Black Widow, probably because I like the combination of black (suit), red (hair) and gold (belt). This is what my superhero manicure looks like (idea definitely stolen from, borrowed from, inspired by Michelle):

For the suite I used one coat (!!) of Illamasqua Scorn, a very opaque black that dries to a rubber-y finish. I've used Scorn for stamping a couple of times (which it is great at) and I'm glad I can show it in its original, gorgeous form this time.

The belt was stamped with a circle image from MoYou Holy Shapes 19 using essie Good As Gold, still one of my favorite gold chromes that never fails to deliver perfect stamps.

Last but not least the hair. I used a really special polish for that one, Her Red Hair by Colors by Llarowe, a multichrome that subtly shifts from pink to red to orange and that has no green in it! Let me repeat that: there is no green in it :) When the sun hits it, you're in for a treat as it looks like your nails are on fire, glowing from within with whatever magical pigment Leah used. I stamped an image that looked like strands of hair from UberChic 10-02 using essie Leggy Legend and finished with a coat of Seche Vite to add some gloss, as superheroes have glossy tresses of course, even while rescuing the world ;)

The polishes:
Colors by Llarowe Her Red Hair, Illamasqua Scorn, essie Leggy Legend, essie Good as Gold

I joined the #52 Week Nail Art Challenge to step out of my comfort zone a bit more. This isn't a step though, it's a huge leap! I have to admit I like it better than I thought I would but I'll happily go back to florals and swirlies ;) Having said that, I loved to dig up polishes I had not used for too long and to be reminded of the beauties that are hidden in my stash. That's something I really should do more often!

What do you think of my superhero nails? Did you guess who was the inspiration?

Colors by Llarowe Her Red Hair was bought from Nailland Hungary.


  1. I'm totally with you about not having a favourite... I enjoy the movies and the tv series and such but I am not a fan girl.

    I at first didn't get who your inspiration was, but I think you totally nailed it. Well done!!

    1. Dankie! (yep, stole that reply from your blog ;)


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