29 June 2018

Friday triad: inspired by @hannys_manis

Hi everyone!

The last Friday of the month means Juanita, Michelle and me get to show you how a manicure one of us chose has inspired us to do a similar (or completely different) manicure. You guessed it, it's Friday Triad time :)

This time Juanita chose this manicure by Hannah from @hannys_manis. I remember showing it to my husband when J shared it and telling him I had no clue how to NOT exactly recreate it (except for the negative space... I don't like it on my nails so I won't do it if I can avoid it ;) Two days later I was putting away the polishes for my attempt at scrollwork and I spotted a polish that not just sparked some inspiration but caused an entire explosion in my brain. I immediately saw the entire thing in my mind... and less than an hour later it was on my nails, exactly how I envisioned it. And then I realized I had to wait another month to show it off... Today the waiting is finally over though, here's my version of Hannah's spring roses nails:

The polish that was the cause for my agony-while-waiting is Cirque Colors Stoneware, a stunning pale peach with darker flecks in it. I used three thin coats on my thumb, index and middle finger. My ring finger and pinky were painted with three coats of OPI Beyond the Pale Pink, a cream colored beauty that is just a tiny bit more pink leaning than Stoneware.

After all bases were dry I used OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? to stamp the zigzag lines from UberChic Get Chevron-01 on my ring finger and pinky. Fortunately it's quite opaque so it worked great. In fact, it was a bit too colorful for what I had in mind, so I searched my stash for a sheer, cream colored polish. I picked Catrice Pure French 01 Snow White and the Frenchman that was slightly yellow tinted which made it the perfect choice to not just 'calm down' the orange but to color correct Beyond the Pale Pink at the same time.

For my middle finger I used the reverse stamping technique. So I picked up a floral image from B. loves Plates B.02 Flower Power using essie Penny Talk, colored in the roses with OPI Aloha from OPI and the leaves with OPI Greenwich Village. After that dried a bit I stamped the image on my middle finger and after a coat of Seche Vite another nail was ready!

I continued by creating the decals I planned for my ring finger. I painted a square of clear polish on my mat, waited for it to dry, stamped the same image from Flower Power and used the same polishes I used for my middle finger to fill in the roses. I finished with another coat of clear polish. When that had completely dried I carefully cut out two roses, arranged them on my nail, pressed them down firmly so they stuck and covered the entire nail with a coat of Seche Vite to make sure all layers would melt together.

And then... I sat down and read a book for a while to make sure all nails would be dry and I wouldn't smudge anything, and when I felt it was safe to do so I applied one last coat of Seche Vite on all nails to make sure I would be able to enjoy this manicure for as long as possible.

These are all the polishes that I used:
Cirque Colors Stoneware, OPI Beyond the Pale Pink, OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked?, OPI Aloha from OPI,
OPI Greenwich Village, essie Penny Talk, Catrice Pure French 01 Snow White and the Frenchman

What can I say about these nails that you haven't guessed yet? I simply adore these! The inspiration was beautiful and I hope I managed to make it my own while doing justice to Hannah's manicure. I can hardly wait to see what Michelle and Juanita did. I think we all created manicures we're really proud of :)

Cirque Colors Stoneware was bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. This looks great! I love your choice of colours.

    1. Thanks so much! This was definitely a great inspiration, I think we all did beautiful manicures :)

  2. Isn't it torture when you are ready for AGES and all you want to do is show it off!! By the time it rolls around you've forgotten how amazing it felt wearing it right? :P

    I can see why you were so excited because THIS IS GORGEOUS!! I adore the colours you used and how clever are you to play with the layering like that! I love every little part of it. So jealous of you and J with your cirque beauties but wow!! Can you just mess up a bit next time so I can feel more worthy next time? :P.

    1. Yup... but it's great to revisit the manicure a while later and remember the excitement and see it again :)

      Hehe, I'll try... but no promises. You know what my OCD would do if I tried to leave out cleanup or something like that ;)


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