30 June 2018

Muted holo

Hi everyone!

Last week I had some work related meetings where customers would be present as well. My colleagues are already used to seeing all sorts of colors and designs on my nails but I try to tone it down a bit when I know there will be "outsiders" (as it's strange enough for them to see a female tech, let alone one with neon colored unicorns on her nails ;) On the other hand the forecast promised gorgeous summer weather with lots of sunshine so I wanted holo on my nails, and lots of it! This manicure is the combination of both:

I started by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two thin coats of Catrice ICONails 17 Lilacquer, a grayish lilac creme that is almost a one coater. My middle and ring finger were painted with Color Club What's Your Sign? which is a grayish nude/pink metallic, linear holo that looks quite subdued until it's hit by direct light, which turns it into a beautiful sparkle fest that even my horrible photographing skills can't hide:

indoors, with flash

All my nails needed after laying down the base was some decorating. I stamped a swirly floral image from UberChic 24-03 on top of What's Your Sign? using Lilacquer and finished with the usual coat of Seche Vite on all nails to add more gloss.

The bottle shot:
Catrice ICONails 17 Lilacquer, Color Club What's Your Sign?

Quick, easy, holo AND office friendly... what more does a girl need for a manicure, right? ;)

Do you have any rules for manicures at your workplace? And do you follow them all the time or do you rebel and wear neon anyway? ;)


  1. Holy smoke those polishes are gorgeous. The catrice especially is a surprise for me but that Color Club is just WOW! I love the stamping too!

    I obviously don't have any rules for my nails. Not even the ones I impose on myself ;)

    1. Thanks so much! If the Catrice ICONails line ever hits stores near you... RUN! They are absolutely great (although I can't get seven days of wear out of them when not top coated... but that's why I have Seche Vite, right? ;)


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