14 June 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 23: Winter

Hi everyone!

Week 23 brought on the winter prompt. Winter... yep, this is definitely a challenge that was thought up by someone on the southern hemisphere as it's still gorgeous summer weather over here :) So I decided to see if I could create a manicure that does go with the challenge for the week but wouldn't look too weird during summertime. I think I did a decent job:

The beautiful bright blue that is on my thumb, index and pinky is two thin coats of OPI Rich Girls & Po-Boys, a pretty cornflower colored polish that I think looks cool enough for winter but is still happy enough for summer.

I combined it with a pale blue polish that is filled with silver-white flakies: Barry M Frosted Cupcakes Blue Velvet. Blue Velvet is a bit sheer so I did sort of a glitter sandwich to try and emulate glistening snow: after two coats I added a coat of Herôme Twinkling Nails (a rather sparse holo/iridescent glitter in what used to be a clear base that has been in my stash for ages... I can't even remember where I got it), followed by one thin coat of Blue Velvet.

My ring finger was painted with two coats of Barry M Elderberry, a medium grayish blue creme, and when that had dried I stamped snowflakes from UberChic Holiday Jingle using Hit the Bottle Snowed in.

Last but not least all nails received a generous coat of Seche Vite for a glossy finish.

The polishes I used:

OPI Rich Girls & Po-Boys, Barry M Elderberry, Barry M Frosted Cupcakes Blue Velvet, Hit the Bottle Snowed In, Herôme Twinkling Nails

I have to admit it's weird to see snowflakes on my nails when it's over 25 degrees Celsius outside but from a distance they look a bit like flowers so I haven't had too many strange looks yet :) Would you do winter nails while it's summer where you are or would you have skipped this week?

Barry M Elderberry and Barry M Frosted Cupcakes Blue Velvet were bought from Alice&Jo.
Hit the Bottle Snowed In was bought from Hypnotic Polish.

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  1. Your mani screams cold... But not Winter. If that makes sense? It just works.