• A year without posts...

    Hi everyone, 

    I bet it's a surprise to see a sign of life on this blog.

    2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year for my family and me. Besides all the consequences of the pandemic, with lockdowns, social distancing, information and mis-information, we were also faced with the consequences of a reckless driver who speeded through a red light and ran into my mother on her bike. She was unbelievably fortunate as she got out of it without any injuries to her brain and nerves, but both her legs were shattered, and she suffered multiple cracked ribs, bruises, cuts and scratches.

    The entire year was filled with surgeries, hospital visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation, exercising, talks with lawyers, arranging help, and of course encouraging her all the way, and slowly but surely improvement to the point that my mom is now able to walk without crutches or a walker. I'm immensely proud of how far she has come and I'm convinced she will continue to get better still.

    Taking care of my mother, combined with a full time job and my own household, has taken up so much time, polishing nails and writing about it had to take a huge step back (along with lots of other hobbies). Now that everything is settling into a semblance of normal, I want to try and starting blogging again. I'm not making promises but I hope to pop up in your feed again in the next year with some nice nail art.

    So here's to a better, happier, healthier new year. I hope 2022 holds everything you hope for it ❤️

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