• Friday Triad: inspired by @melcisme

    Hi everyone!

    The last Friday of the month, and actually the last Friday of 2019! Wow, this year has been an out-of-control roller coaster with major lows (my kitchen nightmare 😱) and huge highs (my dream kitchen 😍), and with way too little nail art posts, but at least one per month for the Friday Triad. This is the last one of this year and I got to pick the manicure that Michelle, Juanita and myself would use as inspiration for our own nails. I picked a very season inappropriate pumpkin manicure by Melissa aka @melcisme. I did this on purpose because I didn't know when the other ladies would wear their manicures so maybe they didn't want to go for Winter (as it's Summer on the Southern hemisphere) or the holidays at all. This way everyone could do what she liked. Also, it doesn't need a horribly complicated technique which is a huge pro in the busiest month of the year.

    I myself decided to go all-out Christmas, complete with red, white, green and gold:

    I started by painting my thumb, index, and pinky with Kinetics Hedonist Red, a beautiful cool-toned red that is very, very opaque. I used two coats but one coat would have been sufficient if I had just loaded a little bit more polish on my brush.

    My ring finger was painted with a-england Koh-i-Noor, a lovely (also cool-toned) gold holo that I hoped would be of the same flawless formula as the older a-england polishes. It does glide on without any effort but it isn't opaque by a long shot, so I ended up using three coats which isn't a good thing if you planned to stamp with it...

    Last but not least the base for my middle finger: three coats of Les Cymbales et Le Vernis (LCLVernis) Vernitescence, holo flakes in a white crelly. You can't really see it in the picture but in real life the subtle twinkles make it look like sunshine sparkling on freshly fallen snow... it's gorgeous!

    The stripes were created by using Clear Jelly Stamper plate CJS-52 and Koh-i-Noor three times on the same spot to make the lines show up better, some careful touch-ups with a tiny brush and Vernitescence and a generous coat of Seche Vite when I was happy with how they looked. The holly leaves and berries are images from UberChic Happy Christmas. The leaves were done using China Glaze Holly-Day and the berries are the proof that Hedonist Red stamps great as well. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite on all nails to add more gloss, even out everything as good as possible and to hopefully preserve these nails for as long as possible.

    The polishes I used, all lined up:
    Kinetics Hedonist Red, LCL Vernitescence, China Glaze Holly-Day, a-england Koh-i-Noor

    What can I say about my nails that you haven't guessed yet? Yep, I absolutely love my manicure and I intend to wear these until I can't touch them up anymore! They turned out even better than my original idea and I'm pretty sure I'll revisit this design for other occasions. I hope you like them too!

    Of course I really want to know what Juanita and Michelle thought of my choice, and what they did with the manicure I sent them. If you're curious too, just click their names to visit their respective blogs and see for yourself 😊


    1. I just love love love love what you did.. I love that it's Christmassy but subtle and I love the colours you used. Not only did you do a great pick for us this month but you knocked it out of the park!! Love it!

      1. Thanks!! Hehe, you know subtle is my middle name, right? (as subtle as a brick through a window, most of time time ;)

    2. This is a nice mani, I like it :-D


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