05 December 2014

Green and blue dots on creme

Hi everyone!

It took quite some time but the black-and-glittery manicure finally disappeared from my nails and this is what I replaced it with: a creme-blue-green dotticure.

indoors, no flash
When I was thinking about what colors to use I was wearing dark blue jeans, a lime green shirt and a creme colored cardigan so I decided to go with those colors in polish as well. I chose OPI My Vampire Is Buff (the perfect creme as far as I'm concerned), a-england Queen of Scots (a beautiful shimmery dark blue that never looks black except in my photographs), and Liquid Sky Lacquer Carissa's Lime Is The New Black (a lovely lime green holographic polish).

On my nails you see two coats of My Vampire Is Buff. After that had dried I added green dots with Lime Is The New Black using the thicker end of a double ended dotting tool and the other end was used to place blue dots in the open spaces with a-england Queen of Scots. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite and I was ready to face another day in complete color coordination :)

And of course the line up of the polishes I used:
OPI My Vampire Is Buff, Liquid Sky Lacquer Carissa's Lime Is The New Black, a-england Queen of Scots

Do you coordinate your nail polish with the clothes you wear?

a-england Queen of Scots was bought from Pretty Polish.
Liquid Sky Lacquer Carissa's Lime Is The New Black was bought from Norway Nails.

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