29 December 2014

Sparkly blue with thingies on top

Hi everyone!

I received a special polish for my birthday earlier this month. My two nieces (10 and then 7, now 8 years old) picked out a bright blue and pearly white bar glitter topper for me, l'Oréal Grace Tweed. Since today is the youngest one's birthday and we are invited to her party, I expect a close inspection of my manicure so of course I'm wearing 'their' polish :)

indoors, no flash
I chose Cirque Colors Tibetan Nights as base and used Grace Tweed as an accent nail. Tibetan Nights is a blue jelly with tiny silver and blue glitters and bars in it, a gorgeous jelly sandwich in a bottle. I used two medium coats and the finish was very smooth and glossy and the glitter was completely suspended in the polish. The picture above was taken without top coat!

After Tibetan Nights had dried I added a thin coat and a few dabs to cover remaining bare spots of Grace Tweed as an accent nail. It dried a bit gritty so I added three coats of Seche Vite as it's quite top coat hungry. Even after three coats it's not completely smooth but not textured enough to bother me.

indoors, no flash
I'm not really a fan of bar glitter but as an accent nail I like it a lot more than I expected so I actually can see myself using it again. I wonder how tough it is to remove so when I take it off I'll make sure to update this post. I hope the little ladies like what I did with their present ;)

Did you ever receive nail polish that wasn't your taste? Did you use it anyway or is it still unused and hiding in a dark, forgotten corner of your stash?

Update: my nieces were jumping up and down when they saw I used 'their' nail polish and my hand (with me attached) was dragged to grandpa and grandma to show what I did... yup, big hit! Also, removal wasn't that bad. It actually was a (little) bit easier than removing a glitter bomb but I had to soak and scrub my nails a bit as expected.

Cirque Colors Tibetan Nights was bought from Pretty Polish.

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