18 December 2014

Spell Polish - No Place Like Home

Hi everyone!

Once again I have to apologize for my absence. I could blame it on the absolutely gorgeous polish I'm about to show you and that I did not want to take off, but a bout of the flu had something to do with it as well. I felt so sick I didn't even want to think about painting my nails, and I didn't mind watching the same beautiful nail polish for over a week though but I've been told it didn't suit my slightly green complexion very well :)

I'm talking about Spell Polish - No Place Like Home, a lovely green-teal-purple multichrome that changed to pink and gold and bronze as well. No Place Like Home is part of the Magichromes: Magic Happens collection that was released in September and is still available through the Spell Polish website and various stockists.

indoors, no flash
This polish was completely impossible to photograph. I tried a lot of different hand poses to see if I could catch all the colors, but in the end I gave up. The purple and teal can be seen in the pictures below but the pink and gold and bronze only showed up in real life (note to self: figure out how to make underwater photographs as apparently they show all the colors that are in a polish... another thing for my to do list).

indoors, no flash

indoors, no flash
No Place Like Home was a dream to apply. Two thin coats were enough to get full opacity, so no black undies needed. The brush is thin but not skinny so it was easy to handle. I'm starting to love brushes like that more and more since I hardly have to do any clean up after using them. The bottle is a narrow rectangle and it looks so elegant! It's not like any other bottle I've seen before. Also when painting my nails with the glitter topper Light As A Feather (here) I noticed a chemical smell but that wasn't the case with this polish so even if you have a sensitive nose, you can still enjoy this beauty.

The bottle:
Spell Polish No Place Like Home

Do you polish your nails when you're feeling sick?

Spell Polish No Place Like Home was bought from The Nailista Shop.

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