31 December 2014

Il était un vernis - Beyond Words

Hi everyone!

My last manicure of 2014 was a plain one, but with a gorgeous polish: Beyond Words by new to me brand Il était un vernis.

indoors, no flash

Beyond Words is a beautiful berry red, scattered holographic polish. It has a perfect formula and an ultra smooth finish. In the pictures I'm wearing one coat of polish and no top coat! It dries pretty fast (but not so fast you can't go over the same spot twice without dragging) and the brush is not too long and thin but not skinny so I didn't have to clean up my cuticles (although when cropping the picture I saw my middle finger could have used a bit of acetone).

I took a picture with my mobile while we were in the car waiting for the traffic light and the sun hit my nails. It doesn't do the polish any justice but I hope with the picture you can imagine how awesome the sparks are in sunlight or direct light. The color of this picture is definitely not correct, it's way too red and I don't think my skin is that yellowy pale. The other pictures are way closer to the actual color.

outdoors, in the sunshine
As usual a bottle shot to finish this post:

Il était un vernis Beyond Words
I absolutely love this polish and I'm already looking forward to trying out other polishes of this brand. At this moment Beyond Words is still in stock and can be bought through the website of Il était un vernis (ships all over the world) or from The Nailista Shop (ships to European countries).

Would you ask a passer-by what color she was wearing when she wears see a really special manicure? (I know I would... I've done it a couple of times already ;)

Il était un vernis Beyond Words was bought from The Nailista Shop.

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