13 April 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 12: Vinyls

Hi everyone!

So much for catching up on Easter Monday... but I'm back for another attempt! Let's see if I can manage to catch up on reading, commenting and posting by Sunday. That should be doable, unless another catastrophe happens (like taxes that have to be filled out before the end of March... with one week grace period, so instead of typing posts I was typing numbers into a calculator).

And talking about disasters, this manicure definitely was that! First I deleted the wrong folders with pictures causing me to lose not just the watermarked ones on my computer but the ones on my camera as well and of course I had removed my original manicure by then so I had to redo it. And while recreating the original design I managed to mess up so many times I used up all my vinyls...

So with all pictures lost and no vinyls left I could of course just skip this prompt but I didn't want to do that, so instead I decided to use the most basic form of vinyls: sticky tape! Combined with pretty pink polishes this is the result:

I started by painting my thumb, index and ring finger with OPI Let Me Bayou A Drink, a pale pink with shimmer. It was a bit sheer so I needed three coats for full opacity. Next I painted my middle finger with one coat of a-england Anne of Cleves, the most beautiful dusty pink holo I can think of, and my pinky with one coat of a-england Briar Rose, the most stunning dark pink holo I can think of ;)

After a coat of Seche Vite on all nails and some waiting to make sure everything was really, really, really dry, I cut off a piece of sticky tape, stuck it on my skin first to make sure it wouldn't be too sticky, placed it diagonally on the upper part of my ring finger and made sure to press it down on all the edges so no polish would be able to seep under it. I painted the bottom half with Anne of Cleves and immediately removed the tape. And after that I waited...

Once it was again really, really, really dry, I cut off another piece of sticky tape, removed the stickyness a bit by putting it on my skin and placed it on my nail, covering the bottom part of my nail and a small gap so Let Me Bayou A Drink would remain visible (and now that I'm typing this I wonder why I didn't use striping tape... hindsight is a nasty thing ;) When I was happy with the placement I painted the still exposed part of my nail with Briar Rose and pulled off the sticky tape right after that. More waiting was required :)

To finish the design I taped off most of my nail, leaving just a small part near my cuticle exposed and painted that part with Briar Rose. Last but not least a coat of Seche Vite and that was it.

The polishes I used:
OPI Let Me Bayou A Drink, a-england Anne of Cleves, a-england Briar Rose

I definitely had to overcome some obstacles to get this post online but looking at the end result I think it was worth it. I had used heart shaped vinyls in the original design but I really like this geometric look. What do you think?

a-england Anne of Cleves and a-england Briar Rose were bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. I don't own any A england nail polishes but I saw so many pretty ones until now! I like the pink combination that you made here.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Almost all a-england polishes have a great formula that makes them almost one-coaters so you can use them for stamping too, and of course most are beautiful scattered holos so it's hard for me to resist them ;)

  2. I love the colours!! I wish I could get my grubby hands on some A England polishes..

    Maybe you should use your silicone mat and vinyls? And use your stamper to place the images when dry? Maybe it will help your vinyl skills a bit!

    1. You really should try to get hold of them. There are a few that I'm not 100% impressed with but most are great and you can even stamp with them!

      I'm going to try that next time. I think I was growing more and more frustrated and impatient while trying to recreate the original manicure and that doesn't help much either, I guess ;)


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