25 April 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 17: French Tip

Hi everyone!

This week's theme is French Tip. If you've been here before (or if you quickly check the tags on the right) you can see how much I love this type of manicure... not at all! So this week was another challenge for me. Early on I decided I wouldn't do a classic french manicure or a faded french, but I did want to stay close to those so nude and white would be my colors and the white would have to go at the tip of my nails only. This is what I came up with:

The nude I used is the gorgeous but horribly sheer ILNP Chleo. This beauty has a perfect formula but I needed four coats to reach the opacity you see in the picture. You can still see some VNL but since I was going to stamp over it, I could live with it ;)

I chose a small swirly image from Lina Twirls & Swirls 01 that sort of fitted the shape of my nails and stamped it on all nails using Hit the Bottle Snowed In to achieve the not-so-classic French Tip look I had in mind. A coat of Seche Vite on all nails and that was all.

As usual the polishes:

ILNP Chleo, Hit the Bottle Snowed In

The timing of this theme was pretty good as I had a meeting with customers so my nails looked extremely elegant (and my colleagues were wondering if I was sick since my nails were "so plain" so I showed them what happened when my hands were in direct light and when they saw the stunning holo sparkle they agreed my manicure wasn't that plain after all ;) and I have to admit I didn't feel the need to immediately remove this manicure after I took pictures. I don't think it will replace a skittlette or accent nails as my favorite "pattern" though. I hope you like these very office friendly nails. What is your favorite kind of manicure?

ILNP Chleo and Hit the Bottle Snowed In were bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. I'm shocked! Firstly at the fact that you have LINA stamping plates! Secondly you don't even seem like the kinda person that would have a polish this sheer!

    But I love your take on the classic french manicure... My next one would hopefully be the rainbow gradient of the white tip.

    1. Hehe, I actually used one way back in February :p
      And if I had known Chleo was this sheer I probably wouldn't have bought it but most reviews I read said two coats and that's something I can handle.

      Ohhh, that sounds great! You're going to have to do that next time!

  2. I am obsessed with this. It's absolutely stunning. I am also surprised your Chleo is so sheer. I played around with it and got a good result with 2 coats but now I have to wear it to make sure. It's such a beautiful colour but sheerness is not cool.

    1. Thanks! I can live with sheerness, if I know in advance. I'm going to have to expand my sheet with a column for the amount of coats needed for full opacity... if I ever get around to making a sheet!


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