14 April 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 14: Autumn

Hi everyone!

I'm catching up on all the things that were neglected these last weeks... so full speed ahead for a quick post about the week 14 prompt of the 52 Week Nail Art Challenge: Autumn.

I've been racking my brain how to do a fall themed manicure while outside the first leaves are starting to dress the trees in a pale green and the daffodils are coloring the ground yellow. I totally didn't feel like using falling leaves or acorns and stuff... and then it hit me, just do something abstract using fall colors! And I did, with this result:

I started by painting my middle and ring finger with three thin coats of a beautiful cream colored polish, OPI It's in the Cloud and while that was drying I used two coats of Catrice Treasure Trove C02 Golden Grace, a warm gold chrome polish, on my thumb and index and one coat of p2 Techno Chrome 110 Copper Cup, an orange-y copper chrome, on my pinky.

Golden Grace and Copper Cup were also used to do a gradient stamp of concentric dotted circles from UberChic plate 16-03 on my middle and ring finger and all I did after that was cover everything with a coat of Seche Vite.

And these were the polishes I chose (the p2 bottle is actually completely covered in orange chrome but the glare makes it totally impossible to photograph):
OPI It's in the Cloud, Catrice Treasure Trove C02 Golden Grace, p2 Techno Chrome 110 Copper Cup

Quick, easy and hopefully Autumn-y enough to qualify. What do you think?


  1. Totally autumny enough!

    Some people even skipped this prompt because it's not autumn where they are, probably think we got the seasons messed up, but the chill in the air definitely tells me it's getting to winter!!

    1. Thanks!!
      I was tempted to skip this prompt as spring is starting over here, so no autumn for another six months, but I started this challenge to get out of my comfort zone some more, so I did just that :)


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