08 May 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 19: Gold + Green

Hi everyone!

It's time for the 19th prompt in the 52 Week Nail Art Challenge: Gold + Green. I had a gorgeous pale green in mind but it didn't combine with any of the gold polishes I own (yep, I know, I need more polishes... I simply have NOTHING to put on my nails ;) so I decided to pick the gold first and see which greens would look nice with it. My eye fell on an uber-blingy pale gold that had been neglected since a family friend brought it with her from the US when she was visiting (apart from a swatch of course). To set off the pale gold color I selected a dark green that fortunately I could use for stamping as well and this is the end result:

I started by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two thin coats of OPI Christmas Gone Plaid, a pretty dark (but nowhere near black) green that could be a one-coater if you use thicker coats than I do. My middle and ring finger received two coats and some dabbing of Cirque Colors Fizz!, a pale gold-and-holo microglitter that dries a bit gritty.

To help the applied polish dry faster and to provide a smooth surface for stamping, I covered everything with a generous coat of slightly thickened Seche Vite. And when that was dry, I stamped leaves from MoYou Flower Power 20 using Christmas Gone Plaid. A coat of (normal) Seche Vite to make sure the stamping wouldn't rub off the first time I washed my hands and done!

The gold and green:
Cirque Colors Fizz!, OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

For some reason I get a very Christmassy vibe from these nails. Shouldn't be too surprising as green and gold usually mean Christmas to me (especially if some red is thrown in) since we don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day over here. Christmas or not, I love how the sparkles peek through the leaves and since the sun is still doing her utmost to convince everyone it's Summer I foresee lots of sparkly peeks (although the weather forecast shows a drop of about 10 degrees Celsius coming Thursday... so I haven't put away my sweaters yet ;)

Cirque Colors Fizz! was bought from Live.Love.Polish


  1. I don't know what I like more, the gold or the green. This is gorgeous and the perfect pair. I also really love the stamping! One of my favourite green and gold of this prompt.

    1. Thanks hun! It sort of has a Christmas-y vibe but I don't care... it's holo :D


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