06 May 2018

Sunshine means... holo!

Hi everyone!

The title says it all. The sun is out (and OMG, how I missed those warm, lazy hours sitting in the backyard, doing nothing but read a book...) and of course that means all holos can come out to play! As we had a birthday party/family reunion to go to, I grabbed two holographic beauties, a white creme and a dotting tool. A short while later I was admiring these nails while enjoying a lovely bike ride in the sunshine (of course safely covered with sunscreen as my winter-pale skin doesn't need much to turn lobster-red):

I started by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two thin coats Cirque Colors Dioptase, a beautiful dark teal jelly with holographic flakies that sparkles even without direct (sun)light.

I combined Dioptase with the uber-sparkly, mint green colored Different Dimension As Long As The Stars Are Above You that required two thin coats as well to completely cover my middle finger.

indoors, with flash
Last but not least my ring finger: two thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow, followed by dots of Dioptase and As Long As in different sizes.

My manicure was finished with the usual generous coat of Seche Vite and that was it... all ready for sunshine and a party :)

These three polishes made up my manicure:
Cirque Colors Dioptase, Different Dimension As Long As The Stars Are Above You, OPI Alpine Snow

I love this kind of manicure: pretty colors, a quick design and so much fun to look at.
And of course I hope you like it too :)

Cirque Colors Dioptase was bought from Pretty Polish.
Different Dimension As Long As The Stars Are Above You was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. I'm so happy to see more of your pretty nails!!! I missed the not so regular posts!

    Also I love this mani! Yay for sunshine and holo!

    1. Thanks Juanita! I missed being able to paint my nails more often too, so as long as real life permits, I'll be painting and posting ;)

  2. These polishes are stunning and I just LOVE how you combined them. I am such a sucker for dots and done like this is the absolute best. Also, Yay for sunshine! It is finally cooling down here. Of course it is still warm in the day and it simply means I go from sleeveless to short sleeved but I an finally sleep comfortably at night because it gets nice and chilly. Looks like we both are having good weather times :P


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