10 May 2018

Fiery florals

Hi everyone!

The sun is still out and since I have a little more time for not-work-related things at the moment, I've been painting my nails... again ;) This time I was inspired by a friend who showed me her pedicure. I loved the color she'd used, so I quickly went through my stash to grab the same polish. A quick paint-and-stamp job later, my nails looked like this:

The fiery red-orange that adorned my friend's toes and is now on my thumb, index and middle finger is Cirque Colors Fire Island, two coats (three on my thumb) for full opacity.

I combined it with three coats of piCture pOlish Haven, a pretty off-white with subtle holo sparkles (that totally disappeared on the picture, but in real life they are definitely visible) on my ring finger and two thin coats of Catrice ICONails 20 Black to the Routes, a black creme that could be a one-coater if your coats are a bit thicker than mine, on my pinky.

I stamped floral doodles from UberChic 14-03 using Hit the Bottle As Black As Night on my middle finger. I used the same image on my ring finger, but before placing it on my nail I colored in the little heart in the center using Fire Island. And that was it, some Seche Vite on all nails to seal and add gloss and my manicure was ready.

The polishes I used:
Cirque Colors Fire Island, piCture pOlish Haven, Catrice ICONails 20 Black to the Routes, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

I love everything about this manicure, the colors, the doodled flowers, the ease of creating it... but most of all the feel of summer I get when I look at it. I hope you like it too :)

Cirque Colors Fire Island and piCture pOlish Haven were bought from Pretty Polish.
Hit the Bottle As Black As Night was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. I saw this post on Instagram and I saved it, shared it with 2 people and we all oooh'd and aaahhh'd about this beauty. I love this more than I can even say. This would've been my next Friday Triad pick if you haven't already done it ;)

    1. Three months later and I still start to grin when I see these nails. I simply have to do it again... want to do twinsies? ;)


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