28 May 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 21: Scroll-work

Hi everyone!

Late again, but I have an excuse... I spent the weekend binge watching the series Altered Carbon instead of writing this post. My manicure was all ready and photographed and waiting the entire time! (I didn't say it was a good excuse ;)

So what did the tv keep from you? This:

When I saw this prompt, the first thing I though of were swirly images. Just to make sure I had the right idea I googled for scroll-work and I noticed a lot of images that weren't just lines but had a chunkier look, like engravings. I really liked that look so I searched my plates for something similar and it turned out I had exactly one image that reminded me of those scroll-work engravings so picking a plate was easy.

At first I wanted to go for happy summer colors so I looked through my stash for a polish I could use for a sparkly accent. My eye fell on OPI Muppet's World Tour but it looked kind of weird, not as it used to. The bright pink glitters had bled into the clear base, losing their color completely and tinging the base sort of brownish pink... I chose OPI Icelanded a Bottle of OPI, a pretty taupe to match the "new" base and OPI Fearlessly Alice to copy the blue glitters. Last but not least I added OPI Alpine Snow as base for Muppet's World Tour since that one is no where near opaque.

With all my stuff in front of me on my desk I sat down and painted two thin coats of Icelanded on my thumb, index and pinky. Two coats of Alpine Snow on my middle and ringer finger were enough to turn those nails completely white. I sponged Muppet's World Tour on my ring finger and made sure to not leave any bald spots. I finished my manicure by stamping the image I chose from Emily de Molly EDM27 using Fearlessly Alice and of course Seche Vite on all nails but my ring finger, as Muppet's World Tour dries to a textured, almost Liquid Sand like finish.

Here's the line-up, including the "changed" Muppet's World Tour:

OPI Icelanded a Bottle of OPI, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Muppet's World Tour, OPI Fearlessly Alice

Usually I hate it when glitters bleed color but in this case I like the result. I can always add pink glitters if I want to, but I have yet to find a taupe glitter :) Also, I was surprised by how much I like this combination of colors. Of course they aren't very summer-y but there's another three months of summer left (at least) so I don't mind very much... and I hope you don't mind either :)


  1. Ohhhh I love altered carbon!! I think that is a very good excuse ;)

    How interesting that the glitter bled like that. It's happened to me with cheap polish but I am somehow surprised that it would happen to an OPI. I also really like how it ended up looking and I LOVE the colours together. That stamp image is also gorgeous!

    Your nails feel very Grecian to me. I love it!

    1. Did you know the series was created after a trilogy of books? Those are on my to-read list!

      OPI has had some flukes... remember the taco glitters from the Wizard of Oz collection? But I actually like this bled-through version better than the original :)


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