23 May 2018

Just-because-I-like-them nails

Hi everyone!

There is no special reason for these nails, except that I liked the colors together. Come to think of it, what better reason is there to polish your nails, right? So here are my just-because-I-like-them nails :)

On my thumb, index and pinky you see three thin coats of Femme Fatale Flamingo Feather, a beautiful coral holo with golden shimmer in it, that looks amazing in the sunshine. I combined it with two coats of Zoya Dahlia on my ring finger and two coats of OPI Alpine Snow, followed by a quick stamp from MoYou Henna 04 using Hit the Bottle As Black As Night on my middle finger. One coat of Seche Vite on all but my ring finger and that was all.

The mugshot:
Femme Fatale Flamingo Feather, OPI Alpine Snow, Zoya Dahlia, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

Usually when the sun starts shining, my mood improves with the temperature... and this week is no exception (so I expect to be maniacal when the weekend comes along ;) and what goes better with sunshine and giggles than pretty nails? I hope you like my quick just-because-I-like-them nails as much as I do!

Zoya Dahlia was bought from Pretty Polish.
Femme Fatale Flamingo Feather was bought from Nailland.
Hit the Bottle As Black As Night was bought from Hypnotic Polish.

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