05 May 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 18: Most expensive polish

Hi everyone!

This week's theme is 'Most expensive polish' and as just about any polish lover I own some polishes that were bought for prices I don't want to start thinking about, and a few that are just very very special for several reasons. My choice for this week is a polish that falls in both categories: it cost a lot in both money and time-to-acquire-it. The beauty I'm talking about is OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede:

When the Suede collection was released I wasn't that impressed so I didn't buy them... stupid! Stupid! STUPID!! Fortunately I have a very smart husband so he got most of them for me, except WAHPS that was sold out everywhere. After a while I had given up on ever owning a bottle myself but unknown to me my husband kept searching for it and about two years after the release date I was surprised with a small package from the US, stuffed with bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts to protect the bottle inside. I'm not sure if I squealed, cried or laughed (probably all at the same time) but I do remember my husband actually had a painful neck after the tackle hug he received :)

On to the manicure though. WAHPS is a stunning fuchsia pink polish that is stuffed with tiny silver shimmers to produce a beautiful suede finish (sort of matte but not quite). It dries ridiculously fast and you have to make sure to use as little brush strokes as possible, and a ridge filling base coat is advisable as well since matte polishes always show each and every bump in your nail. In the top picture you see two coats on all nails, of course no top coat.

Unfortunately no top coat also means tip wear started to show after two days, so I decided to squeeze some more wear time out of this manicure by touching up the tips and adding top coat. And, while I was at it, add some nail art as well.

I stamped a quarter of my nail using an image from MoYou Artist Collection 28 and Hit the Bottle Snowed In, dabbed some white gold flakes from OPI Pure (probably the most expensive topper I own) and carefully outlined it using Hit the Bottle As Black As Night. Last but not least I added generous coat of Seche Vite to seal everything and to bring out the sparkle in WAHPS.

The line up:
OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede, Hit the Bottle Snowed In, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night, OPI Pure

I have used WAHPS on a few occasions but as an accent color. This is the first time I've worn it as a complete manicure and I love it so much I don't want to take it off. Even my husband, who is used to the wildest colors and weirdest designs by now, kept turning my hand in the sunshine to admire it from different angles. I actually had to promise to wear it more often :) For now I'll enjoy the top coated version for as long as I can, but I'm going to try and give my suedes a bit more attention from now on.

Do you have polishes that are so special you hardly ever wear them? Or do you think it's a shame not to wear the special ones as they are meant to be shown? I'm still going back and forth a bit but I'm slowly starting to lean to the latter of the two... after all, who's going to enjoy them in a bottle? (answer: me! When I have them all out of their storage and on my desk, side by side, like my personal rainbow ;)

Hit the Bottle Snowed In and As Black As Night were bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. Oh it's pretty... And I love the mani too.

    I also vote for wearing it more often!!

    1. Thanks! The Suedes collection is absolutely stunning so make sure to grab and not let go if you happen to come across one or more :)

      Hehe, consider it noted ;)

  2. Goodness me! How gorgeous is this polish!! And how amazing is your husband! That is so incredibly special.
    I have this habit of not using or wearing my "special" or much coveted polishes or plates. I keep thinking I need to save it for something special BUT I am trying to use everything more because who knows when if not now. And it's not like I can only use it once right? Right!

    Did I mention I love this!? Love this squares.

    1. Hehe, we have to do a second themed posts series using special polishes we either haven't used at all or just once ;)


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