23 September 2014

Mint, teal and gold manicure

Hi everyone!

This manicure ended up completely different from what I had in mind, but as stamping resulted in a mess and I didn't have the time to fiddle with it anymore (my husband was growing more and more impatient, telling me we REALLY had to go... ten minutes ago!) I grabbed my dotting tools and went for a quick dotticure instead :)

Mint, teal and gold - indoors, no flash
After the usual coat of OPI Natural Base, I painted three nails with Sally Hansen Green Tea, a perfect mint green, one nail with a-england Saint George (The Legend collection), a teal one-coat-wonder with gorgeous holographic shimmer in it, and the last nail with OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby (Gwen Stefani collection).
All nails were covered with a coat of Seche Vite to help them dry and after that I used different sized dotting tools to make dots with Saint George and Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
Another coat of Seche Vite to seal everything, grabbing my bag on the way to the door and I was out of here!

I used the same design on my right hand but changed the order and I even remembered to include my thumb in the rotation this time.

Mint, teal and gold - indoors, no flash

These are the polishes I used:

L-R: a-england Saint George, Sally Hansen Green Tea, OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby

Not too shabby for a quick manicure, right? :)

a-england Saint George was bought from Pretty Polish.

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