01 May 2015

Red and gold skittlette

Hi everyone!

It's the last day of the week which means just a few more hours before the weekend starts and... casual Friday, so in my case: colorful nails :)

I received a couple of new polishes last week and while they were sitting on my desk, waiting to be put away, a gorgeous burgundy red was standing next to a glittery gold and the combination was so beautiful I decided to use them on my nails.

indoors, no flash
The red I'm wearing is Colors by Llarowe Red Dawn, one of the polishes in the Mysterious Vanishing Pigments Collection. It's a beautiful scattered holo that shifts from burgundy to red and copper and seems to glow-from-within. It's is absolutely gorgeous and... it's a one coat wonder! You see just one, easily applied coat of perfection on my middle and ring finger.

indoors, flash
When viewed under direct light (my phones flash in this case and I promise I'm not a zombie, even though my fingers look just like that ;) you can see the hidden surprise: blue flashes in sparkly red. I love it!!

My pinky is covered in three thin coats of Cirque Colors Ica Valley. I'd seen this one in swatches and manicures and it wasn't really at the top of my wishlist but I was one polish short of the threshold for free shipping when ordering and it was in stock so I added it... and now I wonder why I didn't order it sooner! It's beautiful and glittery and has just about the same texture as the original Zoya Pixiedusts, I think this will be my go to gold glitter for the foreseeable future :)

Last but not least I used El Corazon Matte & Shine Effect 171 and a thin coat of El Corazon Art Top Coat 421/2 Gold on my index and thumb. 171 is a really nice pale gold with a velvety finish and 421/2 added tiny gold specks but didn't make it glossy. I thought it would be a good combination with the sparkly holo of Red Dawn and the glitter of Ica Valley.

I really liked my nails like this, but I wanted to add just a little more... and that's where the problems started. I have more matte El Corazon polishes and they stamp really good, but not this one :( So after about 15 minutes of trying everything I could think off to get the image transferred from the plate I chose, Bundle Monster BM-203, to my stamper I searched my stash for China Glaze Passion as I know that one stamps great. Polish on the image, scrape, transfer polish to stamper, line up stamper, stamp... and then I realized I accidently used the image opposite of the one I intended to use!!

indoors, no flash
It was a happy accident though as I actually like this a lot. I thought it would cover up the base way more than it did, so I decided to leave it like this and just stamp one nail instead of both. A coat of Seche over all my nails except my pinky and I was done!

These are the polishes that I used:
El Corazon Matte & Shine Effect 171, Colors by Llarowe Red Dawn, Cirque Colors Ica Valley,
El Corazon Art Top Coat 421/2 Gold, China Glaze Passion

What do you think? Will my colleagues be shocked? Will I have to suffer through naked nails from now on? Stay tuned! :)

Cirque Colors Ica Valley was bought from The Nailista Shop.
Colors by Llarowe Red Dawn and both El Corazon polishes were bought from Hypnotic Polish.
China Glaze Passion was bought from Enchantra.


  1. Oh my goodness Red Dawn is stunning! I don't usually like reds, but that is really pretty! Hopefully everyone reacts positively!! *fingers crossed*

    1. Red Dawn is absolutely gorgeous and my colleagues really liked it. Some of them asked me how much I had to pay for that manicure and when I told them I did it myself, they started bombarding me with questions... I predict a colorful summer (at least on my nails ;)


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