23 June 2015

Copper holo with accent nails

Hi everyone!

A quick post today as I've been so busy it's almost ridiculous! I'm ages behind with the blogs I follow, I haven't done anything but eat, work and sleep <repeat the next day>, and I think I might have to introduce myself next time I actually get to sit down with my husband... But just two more days and after that's it's fifteen days of free time for me so I don't want to complain too much ;)

Anyway, this is what my nails look like since yesterday when I managed to squeeze in some polish time:
indoors, no flash
I actually started this manicure by painting all my nails with two coats of Zoya Genesis. That turned out too white for my taste (duhh... it IS a white) so I added two thin coats of OPI So Many Clowns... So Little Time (a sheer beige). Combined they turned into a squishy, glossy light beige, which was exactly what I had in mind. I stamped over all nails using Hit The Bottle Copper Haired Girl and Emily de Molly plate EDM10.

indoors, flash
After looking at it for a few minutes I decided it was just too busy for my taste with all my nails covered in small swirly thingies so I tried to think of a way to quiet it down a little... and of course the most toned down manicure is a plain color, so I searched my stash for something that would go with the beige and the copper. When I found Teeez Melted Copper (a copper colored scattered holo as you can see in the picture with flash), I looked no further. I grabbed my polish remover, cleaned my thumb, index and pinky, painted them with base coat and two coats of Melted Copper and I was done!

I definitely like the way my nails look. The two copper polishes may not look exactly the same in the pictures (especially not in the bottle shot) but in real life they are so close it looks the same color and combined with the beige and the lovely swirly image it turned out just right. Next time I want to do a completely stamped manicure I have to remember to pick an image that doesn't have so many thin lines though :)

These are the polishes I used:
Zoya Genesis, OPI So Many Clowns... So Little Time,
Hit The Bottle Copper Haired Girl, Teeez Melted Copper
I really hope to get some time to read a few posts but if I remain absent for a few more days, you now know the reason why: work! I can't wait until Friday when I don't have to set my alarm... I promise to do some major catching up when I finally get out of bed ;)

What do you do when you have time off? Are you the kind of person that loves to stay in bed or on the couch (preferably with some good books and a pot of tea or coffee) or do you go out and do fun stuff? I'll probably do some of both and I hope to fit in some time to try out some new techniques as well :)

Hit The Bottle Copper Haired Girl was bought from Hypnotic Polish.
Zoya Genesis was bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. Ooooooh! You come up with the prettiest combinations! ^_^

    1. Hehe, and you come up with the sweetest comments... thank you!


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