05 June 2015


Hi everyone!

Today is the first really hot, sunny day over here (27 degrees C) so that means one thing... HOLO!! And as the second challenge for the PPSA Nail Challenge is red, it means a red holo :)

indoors, no flash
This is three thin coats of Liquid Sky Lacquer Sleigh Me, a gorgeous red polish with a strong linear rainbow and a perfect formula. It didn't try to pool my cuticles, went where I wanted it to without any struggle, self leveled like a champ, I can't think of anything negative to say about it.

indoors, flash
I took a picture with the flash of my camera to show the rainbows, but the holo effect was way stronger in the sunshine. So strong my mobile's camera freaked out and just refused to take a picture :(

indoors, no flash
I wanted to do some nail art but I didn't want to cover up this glorious polish too much so I searched my plates until I found Bundle Monster plate BM-309. I grabbed my trusty Essence Stampy Polish in Black and a few minutes later the tips of my nails were decorated with heart shaped leaf like thingies.

indoors, flash
I totally love the way my nails look in the sunshine! One of my colleagues saw my nails this morning and commented that they looked kind of tame. I just moved my hand to a sunny spot on my desk and asked her what she meant. Her eyes almost popped out when she saw what was going on there :)

These are the polishes I used:
Liquid Sky Lacquer Sleigh Me, Essence Stampy Polish in Black

This is what the other ladies who participated in the PPSA Nail Challenge did:

And I can also check off another challenge of the SBB Nail Challenge list, number 1: Red!

I just love my red nails, especially with the bright sunny weather we're having. Hope you like them too :)

Liquid Sky Lacquer Sleigh Me was bought from Norway Nails.


  1. I am ridiculously jealous of that gorgeous holo!!!! It's probably my biggest lemming, a red holo!
    I LOVE that you didn't over it up too much and that stamp is perfect. Love it!!

    1. Thank you!
      It's an oldie but I think Sleigh Me is still available at Norway Nails and I think they ship outside Europe if you contact them. Maybe you could kill that lemming ;)

  2. Oh my goodness I love that stamping! So pretty. ^_^


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