02 August 2015

Catching up - two quick manicures

Hi everyone!

It has been one crazy week! I hardly had the time to do anything but work, eat, sleep. I did however manage to break two nails on my left hand last Thursday so I decided to turn all of my nails into shorties. Not too happy about that, but at least I can type faster now ;)

After filing down my nails I had to redo my manicure. I didn't have much time to do something special, so it turned out to be a simple stamped pattern. My base was three coats of ILNP Paper Route, a lovely light gray holo, and I stamped a tiny square-and-triangle pattern on it using Hit The Bottle Blue-tiful and UberChic plate 2-01. I wasn't too impressed with the result but anything is better than bare (discolored) nails, right? This is what it looked like:

indoors, no flash
I wore the gray-and-blue manicure for a day and planned some serious polish play-time on Saturday. Alas, that was not meant to be, we had to go to a birthday of a relative. I only discovered that about half an hour before we had to go, when I had already removed the gray-and-blue polish... oops!! As the last name of the birthday boy is Groen (which is Green in dutch) my husband suggested to go with something simple and green like a green holo or a green multichrome. He usually has pretty good ideas (you know: "c'mon, buy that polish, you know you want it!" and stuff like that ;) so I went with the green multichrome.

indoors, no flash
Fortunately I only have one that is opaque in two coats in my stash, so picking out a color to use was easy: Dance Legend Chameleon Wazowski, a multichrome that shifts from gold to green to blue. After two coats on all nails I had a little time left so I grabbed Illamasqua Scorn to make a few dots on my index finger. I stamped my ring finger with Hit The Bottle Black As Night and Bundle Monster BM-324 and put on a coat of Seche Vite on all nails. When that was done I felt it missed something so in an attempt to give it a little extra I painted my pinky with one very thin coat of Scorn. That way the black wasn't 100% opaque so when the light hit it the right way, the green underneath peeked through. After that I painted a quick coat of Seche Vite on my pinky, threw my cuticle oil in my bag so I could apply that in the car, grabbed my jacket and ran out the door... ready or not, party time!

The polishes I used were:
ILNP Paper Route,
Hit The Bottle Blue-tiful
Hit The Bottle As Black As Night,
Dance Legend Chameleon Wazowski
Illamasqua Scorn
Surprisingly enough I received a lot of compliments, not just on my green nails (as of course the multichrome IS gorgeous and it isn't a finish that is seen very often in drugstore brands so it's still special) but people seemed to like my gray-and-blue nails as well. Both manicures just didn't feel like 'me' very much so the green, that is on my nails as I type this, is probably going to meet some wipes and polish remover later today... if I can think of something else to replace it with :)

What do you think of these two manicures? Any suggestions on what to try out next?

ILNP Paper Route, Dance Legend Chameleon Wazowski and both Hit The Bottle's are bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Maria! I'm glad that you like them :)

  2. Oh my gawd!!! The stamping is adorable, but that green! *dies* THAT GREEN! O_O I've been wanting to pick up some Dance Legend polishes for a while. If I ever do, that's going to be the first. I don't care if I do have dupes... cuz I think I might... but it still excites me. XD

    1. Hehe, to make it even more attractive (or at least I think so) the shift to turquoise and even darker green-blue is very obvious in real life. Of course my camera doesn't see it when I'm handling it, but you can kind of see the start on my thumb. It really is a gorgeous polish (and the other five (six if you count the additional limited edition) in the Chameleon collection are just as beautiful :)


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