• Bling-y coral

    Hi everyone,

    yesterday I had to give a presentation and I must admit I was pretty nervous about it. Usually I take the safe route for work related events and go for unobtrusive, office friendly etc. but I really needed a mental boost so I figured I'd go for something more colorful (and there would be only colleagues there, no externs or higher management folks or other people whose disapproval would actually mean anything ;) and this is what I ended up with:

    I started out by painting my ring finger and pinky with two thin coats of Cirque Colors Halcyon, a gorgeous glittery foil that is supposed to be rose gold but my bottle is definitely more peach than pink (and I love it like this btw.). My other fingers received two thin coats of KIKO 360 Strawberry Pink.

    After all that had dried completely I first covered my cuticles and skin with liquid latex and stuck a scales vinyl from Whats Up Nails on my ring finger. I sponged a layer of color on top using KIKO 360 Strawberry Pink, OPI Got Myself into a Jam-balaya (GMiaJ) and KIKO 356 Melon and peeled off the vinyl and adhering latex as soon as possible to keep the lines crisp. Another waiting period and... I didn't like the pink of Strawberry Pink next to the orange of the sponged scales. The scales looked too orange compared the the solid colored nails so I decided to paint them with the OPI to see if I liked that better. Just as a test I painted one coat of GMiaJ on my middle finger and I stopped right there! GMiaJ on top of Strawberry Pink was orange enough to go with the scales but still bright pink and definitely not pastel, so for once I decided to leave good enough alone and all I did was add a coat of Seche Vite :)

    These polishes were used:

    KIKO 360 Strawberry Pink, OPI Got Myself in a Jam-balaya, KIKO 356 Melon, Cirque Colors Halcyon

    I started out with a white and a true rose gold instead of Melon and Halcyon but that took the manicure on a girly, springtime route that I wanted to avoid this time. I'm glad I switched out the polishes because this fit my mood way better. I actually got compliments from some people I didn't think would even notice my nails... and also the presentation went a lot better than expected so I'm more than happy :)

    Cirque Colors Halcyon was bought from Pretty Polish.


    1. Well done on the presentation and for trying something different, the safe route is great if it always means a comfy outcome but sometimes yiy can really surprise yourself! :) Beautiful manicure, I need you to come round and match up my polish colours, you always pick amazing combinations (I know I keep saying it but its a skill I admire!) Have a fabby weekend, my friend! :)

      1. Thank Ithi! Hehe, deal... can I borrow your magic carpet for the trip? ;)

    2. I agree with Ithi, I wish I had your colour combination skills. And vinyls for the win? I'm so glad you're branching out.

      1. Thanks! I'm not sure if it's a skill though. I just put together what I think looks nice as a starting point and pull out different colors until I'm happy or my desk is full ;)
        Definitely vinyls for the win! *sigh... another thing that I have to spend a part of my polish budget on... I need a bigger budget!*


    Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!