• Pretty peach and lace

    Hi everyone!

    I needed my nails to look a bit more office friendly for a meeting and as I'd seen this manicure by @melcisme a couple of days ago, I knew exactly what I was going to do... recreate her beautiful design of course!

    I started out by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two thin coats of Illamasqua Purity, a lovely peach creme that covers in almost one coat and has the usual awesome formula as all Illamasqua polishes I've tried so far.

    Next I painted my ring finger with three thin coats of Catrice ICONails 23 Nice Cream, a very pale peach that combined beautifully with Purity (or at least I think it does ;) and two thin coats of Orly Rage went on my middle finger. When all that had dried I stamped a floral lace image from Major Dijit plate 04 using Hit the Bottle Snowed In and finished with a generous coat of Seche Vite on all my nails.

    The bottle shot (you do know both square caps come off to reveal a rounded one, right?)
    Illamasqua Purity, Catrice ICONails 23 Nice Cream, Orly Rage, Hit the Bottle Snowed In

    I don't know why I never tried stamping white lace on a pale color before, but I know I'm going to do it again as I really like what it looks like so I hope you like it too as it will most likely make a reappearance on my blog ;) Also, in hindsight, I maybe should have mattified Rage as it is a bit blingy but hey, it's summer and I'm not wearing neon so I consider this the epitome of office friendly for now! What do you think? Did I do the original some justice? And do you consider my nails office friendly?

    Hit the Bottle Snowed In was bought from Hypnotic Polish.
    Orly Rage was bought from Bransus Cosmetics.


    1. That is for sure office friendly. I don't see how anyone can have a problem with it. And I must say... I do like rage.

      1. Thank you, Juanita!
        Rage is SO gorgeous... I wonder why Orly didn't release more colors but I'm happy to own this one :)


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