30 October 2018

Wintery palate cleanser

Hi everyone!

Over here daylight saving time has ended, the clock was turned back one hour and the temperature has dropped to around 8 degrees Celsius. Yep, winter is definitely coming! And with that in mind, I picked some cool toned colors for a simple manicure:

On my thumb and index you see two coats of OPI Reach for the Sky, a blueish gray (with a hint of green) creme polish with the great Infinite Shine formula.

I combined this with Zoya Hadley, two thin coats on my pinky. I thought Hadley was a night blue creme but there is a teeny bit of green in there as well... it's stunning!!

My ring finger was done in two thin coats of KIKO Frozen Smoothies 010 Soft Candyfloss. This may look like a simple white in the pictures but it's not. It is a white creme that is stuffed to the brim with the teeniest dark gray microglitter you can imagine, which turns the white into a very very very pale gray. I stamped part of an image from MoYou Mother Nature 17 on top, using Hadley (and you can see the green show up a bit better in the stamp).

Last but not least (definitely not least!) I painted my middle finger with OPI DS Coronation, a beautiful silver scattered holo that, according to PR, has diamond dust in it. I don't know if that's true but I do know it is one gorgeous polish that looks silver in low light and explodes in holo when the sun hits it. It's rather sheer (probably better suited as a topper) so I needed three coats but it was so worth it.

And, apart from the usual coat of Seche Vite, that was it!

The mug shots:
Zoya Hadley, OPI Reach for the Sky, KIKO Frozen Smoothies 010 Soft Candyfloss, OPI DS Coronation

I don't have much to say about this manicure, except that it makes me smile when I look at my nails... and I guess that's what nail art is all about, right? Creating what makes you smile :)


  1. oooooh Hadley is pretty... This reminded me Christmas is coming!

    1. Hadley is definitely beautiful! And another polish to proof to myself that as much as I like holos and glitters, my first love is still cremes ;)
      Hehe, just another six weeks and Christmas will be over again :D

  2. Gosh I love this. Hadley is just gorgeous (and I am with you that cremes will always be my first love even if Holo distracts me every now and then) but that stamping just rounds this off so beautiflly. I wish we had winter over Christmas!

    1. Thanks!! I have to admit I can't imagine Christmas in the middle of summer... for me it's inseparable from cold and early nights, but not necessarily snow. I don't think I've seen many white Christmases to be honest ;)


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