23 July 2014

Pretty Jelly - Mexico City

Hi everyone!

Two weeks ago friends of ours came over from Singapore and along with them came NAIL POLISH!!! :) Among all the beauties was a beautiful rosy red polish of a brand I had not heard of before, Mexico City by Pretty Jelly.

Just look at it... isn't it gorgeous?
I mean, what's not to like: rosy red, scattered holographic and a one coater if your coats aren't too thin!

In the shade the color is a soft rosy red with a sparkle here and there but in the sun or direct light the polish shows its true beauty with all the colored flashes when you move your fingers. I was looking for light sources and wiggling my fingers the entire time I wore it :)

Pretty Jelly - Mexico City - indoors, no flash
This is one medium coat of Mexico City over OPI Natural Base and no top coat was used.
After two days of showing off my nails to everyone who wanted to see them (and probably some that weren't interested but couldn't get away fast enough) I had no tip wear, chips or any other problems.

Pretty Jelly - Mexico City - indoors, flash
It would have been nice if I had remembered to take a picture of the holo rainbow in the sunlight but by the time I realized I'd forgotten that, it was late already so this is with the flash of my mobile phone again.

In my package are two other polishes by Pretty Jelly so I hope they are as awesome as this one.

Have you ever tried a Pretty Jelly polish?

This polish was bought from Mei Mei's Signatures.

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