02 February 2015

Zoya Delight Spring 2015 - Lillian

Hi everyone!

Today, slightly later than intended, the last of the Zoya Delight collection: Lillian.

indoors, no flash
From the Zoya website:
Lillian by Zoya can be best described as a faded aquamarine with a glossy cream finish.

Lillian is a beautiful pastel blue creme with a hint of green in it (so aquamarine is a pretty good description) and a glossy finish. It has the same formula as Eden, the pink creme of this collection, which means I had to use two-three coats to get full opacity (three for my thumb, two for my pinky). This turned out to be my favorite of the entire collection, with Eden as a close runner up.

indoors, no flash
I tried to add some stamping on my nails with Il était un vernis In Teal We Trust and Born Pretty plate BP-L008 but it turned out less than stellar as I was hurrying too much because the cable maniacs needed even the tiny corner I had reserved for myself and my normal scraper was hidden behind piles of  stuff that could not be moved (according to said cable maniacs) so I had to scrape with a card that was too thin. To make things even worse I didn't have access to my bottle of acetone and clean up brush (which were behind the piles as well) so I had to clean up my fingers and cuticles with nail polish remover and a cotton bud...

The polishes I used:
Zoya Lillian, Il était un vernis In Teal We Trust
Oh well, it's only nail polish so I'm going to remove this manicure when I get home and try something else... IF the house is all back to its normal state instead of the chaos I left behind when I went to the office this morning :D

Lessons to be learned from this weekend:
1. don't use anything but acetone for clean up
2. never try to do nail art when your house is a big mess ;)

Il était un vernis In Teal We Trust was bought from The Nailista Shop.


  1. Oh man! Okay, Lillian is gorgeous and I love your stamping. However. lol I couldn't imagine having to clean up with anything less than acetone and brush! You are such a trooper. Hopefully the cable work is done soon!

    1. I definitely don't want to repeat it ;)
      All work underneath the floors is done so the floors are closed again. Tomorrow all will be finished or at least that's the plan...