• Dusty purple skittlette

    Hi everyone!

    I learned a valuable lesson yesterday... ALWAYS take pictures of your nails the moment they are done! I painted my nails earlier and planned to take pictures after dinner. I had to run to the supermarket to get something (can't even remember what) and apparently I felt the need to make sure gravity was still working so I tumbled down the stairs and managed to break no less than three nails (and get some nasty scratches in the process). So instead of taking pictures I had to reduce my nails to shorties, redo my manicure, take pictures and figure out how to get rid of the scratches using Photoshop, with this result:

    indoors, no flash

    I guess I was lucky only my free edge was torn off and the breaks didn't reach the pink part of my nails, but still... my pinky nail is just so short! Oh well, they'll grow back in time :)

    On my thumb and index you see a thin coat followed by a medium coat of Dance Legend 1028 Moorland. It's a lovely purple polish that if filled with zillions of teeny tiny black dots. From a distance it looks like a solid color but up close you can see all the specks that give it that dusty quality. My middle and ring finger are painted in three coats of Catrice Celtica C04 LOVEnder, a pale grayish lavender color that also looks like a solid color but there are hidden shimmers in there and they politely ask for attention at the most unexpected moments. My pinky was done in one coat of a-england Lady of the Lake, the gorgeous dark purple holo that was also used to stamp an image of Born Pretty plate BP-44 on my middle and ring finger.

    For some reason my camera decided it doesn't want to photograph purples this time so no matter what I tried or how many pictures I took, the colors just look wrong... so just try to imagine them combining a lot better than they seem to do ;)

    The bottle shot (where Moorland looks closer to it's real life color but LOVEnder looks almost pink, which it totally isn't):
    Dance Legend 1028 Moorland, a-england Lady of the Lake, Catrice Celtica C04 LOVEnder

    I'm not sure if it's my short nails or something else, but for some reason I just don't like this manicure very much. I guess it's a good thing it's almost weekend so I have plenty of time to think of something that I do like :)

    Dance Legend 1028 Moorland was bought from Hypnotic Polish
    a-england Lady of the Lake was bought from Pretty Polish


    1. Oh noes!! *hugs* I'm glad you didn't break anything more important. Sucks being among the official gravity checkers of the world.... Super cute skittlette, even shorter.

      1. Thanks hun :)
        Oh, I LOVE your job description! I'm definitely going to use that next time (because I just know there will be a next time) ;)

      2. LOL There's always a next time. ;) A gravity checker's job is never done. It's a public service, really. hehehehehe


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