• #52weeknailchallenge - week 45: Orange + Yellow

    Hi everyone!

    Today's post is coming to you from... my bedroom :(
    Yup, the dreaded flu has struck again so I'm reduced to a sniffling, feverish, whining mess that would be convinced the world was coming to an end if I were a guy ;) Although, that's unfair to my guy who patiently dug up an ancient laptop, connected it to the internet, installed all security updates from the last ten years or so, and even got my photo editor on there (I know, he's the best... but in this case I think it may also have something to do with me reaching the limits of his patience with all the complaints about how I still had pictures waiting and week 45 was over already and I was way behind and I couldn't do a thing with this small mobile to edit pictures or write a post, yada yada yada... I really am the worst patient ever!).

    Anyway, I got my connection to the outside world and I can finally show you what I did for the Orange + Yellow prompt that I was actually ready to skip until I first saw Michelle's and Juanita's manicures and then came across this gorgeous design by Chloé from Klo's to me... and I just knew I wanted to recreate it, with a little twist to make it mine of course ;)

    I started by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two thin coats of Cirque Colors Red Hook, a burnt orange polish with great self leveling properties which makes it a dream to apply. My other two nails received one coat of Cirque Colors Urbanized, a mustard yellow. One coat wasn't completely opaque but I already knew there would be more on top so I didn't mind.

    I used Urbanized and Red Hook along with piCture pOlish Copperfield, a pink-to-copper shifting scattered holo, to create a smoosh on the two yellow nails. I finished by stamping the same image Chloe used, from MoYou Tropical London 14 using Painted Polish Midnight Mischief, on top of the smooshed base and covering everything with a generous coat of Seche Vite.

    The polishes:
    Cirque Colors Red Hook, Cirque Colors Urbanized, piCture pOlish Copperfield, Painted Polish Midnight Mischief

    I know, both the yellow and orange I used are quite dark and dirty, probably miles away from the sunny colors that Ren (the creator of the challenge) had in mind, but they are just about the exact colors I can see outside, now that fall is progressing and people walk/cycle/drive over the fallen leaves on the ground. What do you think? Does this qualify for Orange + Yellow? And did I do at least some justice to Chloé's beautiful design?


    1. Love it! And it totally counts for the challenge. Glad I could be of some inspiration!

      And your hubby is just amazing! It was so sweet of him to hook you up.

      1. Thanks Juanita!
        Yep, he definitely is and I made sure to tell him again, just to make sure ;)

    2. Firstly, this is incredible! I love it so much!
      Secondly, I hope you feel better!
      Thirdly, I am so proud of you for showing men what we put up with 99% of the time when they just THINK they're coming down with something (yes, I may be transferring my issues :P )
      lastly, your husband is awesome but so are you. x

      1. Firstly: thank you!
        Secondly: yep, just a bit of a husky voice but I'm told it sounds sexy ;)
        Thirdly: *takes a bow*
        Lastly: I know ;) And thank you xx


    Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!