• Kind-of-chic floral skittlette

    Hi everyone,

    the last two weeks have been weird, to say the least. First the training that was pretty exhausting (I guess I'm not used to being taught in a class anymore) and after that... I kind of tumbled into a pool of nothing. Last week was the fourth anniversary of my fathers death and for some reason this year was harder for me than the previous years. I didn't feel like doing anything, just hang on the couch, watch some tv and feel sad...

    Yesterday we were invited to the retirement party of a family friend so I had to dress up (a bit) and as she always notices my manicure I felt I couldn't get away with just a nice polish. Lacking any kind of inspiration, I took a look at the manicures I pinned in the past and the UberChic Floral skittlette by Marta of Chit Chat Nails caught my eye and I finally felt that familiar itch to paint my nails again :)

    This is what my non-UberChic version looks like:
    indoors, no flash
    I used the same pale blue polish as Marta did, China Glaze New Birth. It took three coats (four on my thumbs) to reach full opacity and it took ages as well as it dried SOOOOO slow! But it's a beautiful color and Marta used it so I persevered :)

    My ring finger was painted with three coats of OPI Crown Me Already! I stamped my middle finger with Pueen Encore SE04B (I don't own the UberChic plates but they sure are on my wish list!!) and OPI Dark Side of the Mood. I used the blue OPI Sheer Tints, I Can Teal You Like Me, to add a little bit of color to the stamped image by wiping the brush first and lightly touching some parts of my nail after that. After that a coat of Seche Vite on all nails and a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat on all but my ring finger. I finished with adding a few glitters on my ring finger by wiping the brush thoroughly and touching my nail with it after that.

    indoors, no flash
    I changed the order on my right hand and you can see the blue on the stamped image a bit better in this picture.

    These are the polishes I used:
    China Glaze New Birth, OPI Crown Me Already!, OPI Dark Side of the Mood, OPI I Can Teal You Like Me

    The party was very nice btw. and of course our friend noticed my nails. She asked me if I would do hers some time and of course I said yes, but maybe I should have told her now that she's retired she has plenty of time to try it herself ;)

    I really like how this recreation turned out and, even more, how it helped me over whatever mood I was stuck in. I'm going to enjoy my elegant nails for a little while longer but I'm already thinking about future manicures so I don't expect it will be another week before I'll show you what's on my nails :)

    Do you ever feel like not doing anything? And if so, how do you snap out of it?

    China Glaze New Birth was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


    1. *hugs* I get that feeling a lot and... usually something comes up. Not something as fun as a party, usually a flat tire or burst water pipe, but something. Your flowers are really pretty. :)

      1. I guess life has a way to kick us in gear, whether we want to or not. But I'd prefer a party over a burst water pipe ;) *hugs*

    2. Wow! I am loving this look on you! I have a weakness of white manicure sand the touch of silver and blue is perfect! Super lovely mani!

      1. Thank you! I totally blame you for the inspiration for this manicure so any and all ideas are yours ;)


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